Emergency Water Part 4: Resources

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Water is the building block of all life on Earth. Without it, we can only survive a few days. That’s why it’s so important to have emergency water stored up in case of a disaster or SHTF scenario.

Gaye Levy at Backdoor Survival has written a four-part guide on emergency water for preppers. Check out the previous installments:

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Emergency Water Part 4: Resources

For the past month or so, the focus has been emergency water, that most vital but often underappreciated prep.

During this time, I have highlighted various aspects of water preparedness, including storage, acquisition, and purification.  These recent articles, coupled with those that have been posted in the past, bring to you a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to be water-prepped, regardless of where you live and the size of your budget.

And that, in a nutshell, is the point.  The internet is a wonderful place, and there is a wealth of knowledge available free for the taking.  Sure, some questionable websites are posting bad information, but overall, you will find a treasure trove of free, credible resources that will help ensure that the water you drink following a disaster or disruptive event is safe.

Today I want to help jump start your quest for free information about emergency water.  These are articles from websites I trust.  These are resources you need to know about in your quest for emergency water.

Emergency Water Articles From Some of the Best Preparedness Blogs

Below you will find a variety of articles covering many aspects of water preparedness.  I know there is a lot to read and a lot to digest.  That said, these are articles you can come back to over and over again as you build your supplies and acquire water-smart skills.

Emergency Water Articles on Backdoor Survival

For even more information about water, check out this collection of other articles I have written on the subject of emergency water.

Other Free Sources of Information

Many public entities publish up-do-date information on emergency water.  Here are a few resources you can count on for good information.

In addition, also check your local city, county, or state websites.  They usually have a wealth of emergency preparedness information specific to your geographical area.  For example, the advice if you live in the deserts of the Southwest will be very different from the advice if you live someplace lush and green.

FEMA and Red Cross:Food and Water in An Emergency (downloadable PDF)

Ready.Gov:Managing Water

EPA:Emergency Disinfections of Drinking Water (downloadable PDF)

CDC:Personal Preparation and Storage of Safe Water

WHO: Emergency Treatment of Drinking Water at Point-of-use

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Emergency Drinking Water Supplies (downloadable PDF)

The Final Word

The Final Word | Emergency Water Part 4: Resources

Having clean, safe drinking water following a disaster or other emergency should be a priority for all families, whether they label themselves preppers or not.  This is important stuff and although I try not to ask too much of my readers, today I am going to make an exception.

Please, do your friends and family a favor by sharing this information with them.  Send them an email, post a message on Facebook, or send them a tweet.  This information is 100% free and not a bit controversial.

You can survive only three days without water.  Survival is a good thing; together let us make that happen.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 22, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Emergency Water Part 4: Resources

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