EMP-Proof Electronics | What You Need To Know

Prepping with EMP proof electronics

For many preppers, the threat of electromagnetic pulse (or EMP) is often at the front of their minds. In such an event, the power grid will fail and many of our devices will be useless. Only devices that are EMP-proof will still be usable after an electromagnetic pulse occurs.

Knowing how EMP-proof devices work and how to make your own will give you a leg up during an EMP attack. EMP-proof electronics will help you communicate, get around, and keep your family fed.

A Ray of Hope: EMP-proof Electronics

An electromagnetic pulse or EMP attack could happen for many different reasons, natural or man made.

You may be surprised how many electronic devices can be EMP-proof. It's all a matter of understanding the science behind it and being able to find or build such equipment.

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The Old-School Forgotten Art To EMP-Proof Electronics

As someone that loves to tinker with electronic devices, I am a firm believer in the potential for both natural (odds have increased substantially in the last few months because Earth’s magnetic field is weakening faster than expected) and human-made EMP attacks.

That being said, I also know that many of the worst problems that will come from an EMP attack can be reduced by using older technologies that rely on electronic components which are far less vulnerable to an EMP.

Electronic Devices Are Not As Complex As You Might Think

If you find yourself confused by electronic devices, simply remember that every component does one of five things with mathematical precision depending on the materials used:

allows electrons to flow through it

does not allow electrons to flow through it

prevents electrons from flowing until enough of them build up on one end of the component

allows electrons to flow if they are moving in one direction, but not if they try to go the opposite way

atoms within the component may change the organization of their own electrons so that the flow of electricity is accelerated, slowed down, or number of passing electrons increases

Once you understand what each component does, connecting parts in various patterns will create larger devices that meet specific goals.

All you need are the right components and a diagram that shows you how to arrange them.

Electronics Before Integrated Circuit (IC) Electronics

While Tesla and Edison were battling for control of how electricity would be produced and transmitted, most people were relying on oil lamps for light and cranks to start their automobile engines.

Interestingly enough, everything from the first telephones, Victrola, and radios, to televisions and nuclear bombs operated without the use of microchips and other semiconductor components that are highly vulnerable to EMP attack.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be aware of the fact that unfriendly nations the likes of Russia, China and North Korea have nuclear weapons. This poses a serious threat to the free world and as preppers we know that if we are attacked by a nuclear bomb, the electromagnetic pulse created can turn both man-made and natural structures in a wide radius into rubble in seconds. There is no need to mention how it will affect us humans.

The mere EMP from a nuclear blast can disable all electronic devices and appliances within its predetermined radius, depending on the altitude of the explosion. The power grid will definitely be shut down, if not destroyed completely. Just thinking about the effects can put anyone in despair, but this has not happened, yet. There are ways by which we can protect ourselves. We can only hope that the human or the feeling aspect of those who intend to do such a thing would surface and keep them from destroying our fragile world as well as our lives.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Dec 5, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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EMP-Proof Electronics | What You Need To Know

  1. One solution is to get extremely compact HF/VHF gear like this one:


    Keep it inside an EMP-shielded enclosure connected to nothing. Take it out briefly in an emergency to communicate and then put it back inside that shielding.

    –Michael W. Perry, KE7NV

  2. Scott says:

    Dear sir/madam/other,

    Please change your font to something that old guys can read. This gray on white thing with small letters is a challenge.

    Thank you,
    Old Guy

  3. Daniel Mount says:

    The best way to protect your electronics is to wrap a Box with led foil that you can put your cell-phone in that will protect it from EMP. Or as fare as your car is concerned If you can get enough led foil and if you keep your car in a garage then you can staple it on the ceiling and the walls and then also if you can do this then you can just keep all of your Electronics with your car in the garage. The led foil will keep it all safe.

    1. R. Grayson says:

      It’s LEAD foil…and LED Zeppelin, Daniel.

    2. PAUL says:


    3. Dougie Quick says:

      Zero confidence in the opinions of people that spell lead”led”.. know what I mean? HOW does any well read educated person even do that?

  4. Ryan says:

    Curious on thoughts on how to EMP proof a fireproof gun safe that only has the digital lock. Thought about having a regular combo lock put in it. My other safe has a digital lock, but if you remove the cover you can use a key.

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