How to Cool Down When Your AC Dies

July 10, 2019 Click Here To See The Comments It’s almost inevitable that at some point in your life, you will experience a small stint of summer without air conditioning because of malfunction or...

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July 10, 2019 / Comments (3)

DIY Solar Power – Part 2

April 3, 2019 Click Here To See The Comments Learn to calculate how much electrical energy your solar panel must generate to run your home's solar power system. RELATED: 8 Ways To Generate Electricity At...

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April 3, 2019 / Comments (6)

POWER OUTAGE: What Happens When Power Goes Out?

September 12, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments You're enjoying a relaxing evening watching television when suddenly all the lights go out. The TV shuts off, and the room goes quiet. The sound of silence is...

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September 12, 2018 / Comments (8)

Blackout: How Did This City’s Lights Stay On?

May 6, 2015 Click Here To See The Comments When a massive winter storm caused widespread power outages on the East Coast, Bethesda, Maryland rode out the storm without losing electricity. Hundreds of...

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May 6, 2015 / Comments (3)

DIY Wood Gas Stove

December 1, 2014 Click Here To See The Comments A portable stove in your bug out bag will ensure that you can prepare food to get you through the first critical 72 hours. You don't even need to buy a cheap,...

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December 1, 2014 / Comments (6)

The Unexpected Survival Tool You Already Have But Aren’t Using

July 5, 2014 Click Here To See The Comments Now in a real SHTF situation there probably won't be much use for a cell phone, and you might even be screaming at your screen while reading this right...

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July 5, 2014 / Comments (4)

Putting Solar Power In Reach

June 13, 2013 Click Here To See The Comments Solar power isn't new, it has been around for decades. But only recently has it become something that is “affordable” to the general public. I say...

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June 13, 2013 / Comments (16)

When You Need Fire The Most, Conditions For It Are At Their Worst…

April 22, 2013 Click Here To See The Comments A few weeks back I did a product update on InstaFire. I got a lot of great feedback and comments from you guys and one of them stuck out in particular. Rick...

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April 22, 2013 / Comments (65)

Solar Energy: A Spotlight on Home Security

February 4, 2013 Click Here To See The Comments Get Off the Grid: Solar-Powered Security Security is a major concern these days with the rise of crimes and burglaries committed by criminals who seize every...

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February 4, 2013 / Comments (11)


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