Top 3 Equipment-Free Workout Tips for Survival

Top 3 Equipment-Free Workout Tips for Survival

We prepare like crazy for survival. We invest in the survival gear, the tools, the things we need to prepare clean water and cook food. We spend the time and resources gathering everything we need for an emergency and then it comes. We have all of the things except for the equipment that you’ve been using daily to keep your body in shape and healthy and ready for this.

Here’s the thing, the big secret. It is absolutely necessary for you to be active and fit when in survival mode. However, packing up your weight set is not feasible or wise option. Now what?

We have some simple steps and tips to help you stay in shape in the event of survival. Start practicing these steps now. You won’t want to master new skills when in the middle of an emergency. They will help prepare you for survival while giving you survival workouts later on.

Top 3 Equipment-Free Workout Tips for Survival

1. Rope Training

Get a durable medium-medium width rope and have it packed, anywhere between 6-8 feet long. This can be used for a number of things including grip strengthening, body pull-ups, jump roping and more. Strengthening your grip takes time but is essential to survival.

You just don't know if you will need to climb a tree or even the side of a rocky mountain. Start working on hanging from the rope with your hands and finger tips in short intervals and work your way up. Jumping rope is an excellent way to condition the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

It helps to engage and strengthen up your core muscles and improves agility in your feet and ankles. Keep a rope ready to go in your survival kit. Start by doing sets of 30-40 jumps working your way up to being able to jump rope for several minutes without stopping.

2. Increase your Swimming Skills

This might be one of the most important ways to prepare for survival because it could be a skill that might actually save your life. Being a strong swimmer should not be taken lightly.

Imagine being in a survival situation where you are required to swim for your life's sake? Being a weak swimmer could not only be a physical detriment but you are more likely yo panic and drown.

Learning how to swim for more lengths of time is crucial. Start with laps and increase the length in between breaks. You will also want to increase the amount of time that you can hold your breath underwater and the amount of time you can float on your back if you need a rest.

The more confident you are, the better chances of survival. So add swimming into your exercise routine and take opportunities to practice swimming in local bodies of water to get used to the differences of a regular swimming pool.

3. Perfect that Plank

Yep. You read that right. Planking is a full body workout but really gets your core strengthened. In addition, it’s a great workout to get comfortable with because you can do it anywhere that you can find a flat surface. The stronger you can get that core, the better equipped you will be for survival situations such as climbing.

Planking is not to be overlooked as an easy workout. Most start in 30 second intervals and work their way up. An ideal goal would be to be able to hold a strong plank for 4-5 minutes about three times per week. This could take months to master with regular effort. This is also a great skill for calming the mind when in survival mode.

Really, there are a number of different workout methods that are great for preparing you for survival but we mark these 3 on the top of the list due to how versatile each is and how the only tool you will need is a rope. Get these 3 workouts mastered to help you in any survival situation.

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Top 3 Equipment-Free Workout Tips for Survival

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