10 Essential Items For New Preppers [Video]

Feature | Survival kit | Essential Items For New Preppers [Video]

For new preppers, check out this video from Black Scout Survival for the essential items you must have to get started!

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Essential Items New Preppers Need to Know

Prepping 101: Getting Started

For many skeptics and beginners, getting started is the hardest part. After all, as we've said before, becoming a survivalist is a total upheaval of your lifestyle.

You start to look at things in a totally different light. We're not paranoid, but we're aware of our surroundings and we know how and when to take action if it's needed.

Part of this lifestyle is completing the appropriate gear and supplies. This in itself can seem like a daunting task for a novice prepper.

Prepper Supplies

It seems like every website and preppers blog I come across has a different list of “10 items every prepper MUST have!” Or, “10 SHTF supplies you don't want to be caught without.”

The truth is, we don't all have the time, money, or resources to acquire all these items right away. Some of the items from a prepper gear list can even be overwhelming and a lot of it isn't even necessary, to begin with.

This video will give you suggestions for items you will really need in any survival situation—even SHTF. These are essential items you need to help you find food, safe drinking water, and start a fire.

There are also items to help you build a shelter, defend yourself, and a first aid kit.

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Essential Items for Newbie Preppers

To get started, you need to go back to the basics. First, start by collecting the items that are absolute essentials for survival.

The video below is a great example. It lists 10 items that all new preppers need to have.

Nothing fancy–just the basics. From these basic and essential items, you will soon find yourself adding a few extras or luxury items to help you make a survival situation tolerable.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Follow the full video below from Black ScoutSurvival for the essentials newbie preppers need:

Prepping isn't only for doomsday or SHTF. So if you're somewhat of a skeptic, these essential items will let you see through the somewhat negative light pop culture portrayed of prepping.

These are reasonable items you will need in most survival situations, like when you're out camping or in the face of natural calamities.

Do you agree with this list? Would you add or omit one from it? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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10 Essential Items For New Preppers [Video]

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