11 Essentials On How To Make A Survival Bracelet

Survival Bracelet

Today we bring you tips on how to make your very own survival bracelet. It's complete with everything you'll need to strive in a survival scenario. Check out these items and start making your own EDC (every day carry) survival bracelet!

Survival bracelets have become a trend in most outdoor enthusiasts and survival experts. Even Bear Grylls designed his very own survival bracelet to make sure he makes it in times of trouble. If you're into outdoor sports, make sure to have one of these accessories worn each time you go out!

11 Essentials On How To Make A Survival Bracelet

To make an effective survival bracelet, you'll need to have enough items to keep you alive when in a survival scenario. These may include fire starters, food-gathering material, and even a compass for navigating your way back.

Include these items on your EDC paracord bracelet and be sure you're covered for the rainy days!

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1 Paracord

Number one on the list is the paracord. The bracelet should be built with it, 'cause it's made of high-strength material and has a multitude of uses from food gathering to making a shelter.

2 Fishing Line

When stuck in the field, your primary source of food could be fish. Packing fishing gear into your EDC bracelet could be your lifesaver.

3 Fish Hooks

What good is a fishing line without hooks? If you plan on including a fishing line, you better add some hooks as well! Throw two, maybe three of them in. You might get yourself in a pinch and run out on hooks.

4 Whistle

The noise emitted by the whistle will let animals know that you're present. To rescuers, it's a great help in getting your position and locating you through the strength of the sound and where it's coming from.

5 Compass

A compass will save you the trouble of using unreliable natural compasses. I suggest you get ones that are waterproof and made of high-quality material.

paracord grenade 2 ss

6 Surgical Tubing

Aside from fishing and trapping, you could also hunt animals by making a bushcraft slingshot. I've tried making one with some surgical tubing, and it proved to be very efficient.

7 Fire Steel and Striker Blade

Fire is one of the most basic needs of a survivor. To thrive in the desolate areas of the forest, you'll need some fire-making tools the fire steel and striker blade

8 Tinder

In case you get stuck in a very damp location, finding tinder could be a very tough task, especially if you have very little knowledge about the area's flora. Waterproof some tinder and include it in the bracelet!

9 Mirror

The sunlight reflected from a mirror is said to be a thousand times brighter than that of a candlelight. Signaling from far distances will be very easy using a mirror and Morse code.

10 Wire

For catching small game, a copper wire could be very helpful in making a deadfall contraption.

11 Wire Saw

I've tried using a good quality wire saw for cutting small wood trunks and animal bone, and I'd have to say it's pretty effective. Although you might have to exert a little more effort than using a plain handsaw, it'll have to do when in distress.

paracord grenade 1 ss

If you want to see a full video on making a survival bracelet by BoredParacord, click on the play button below!

No survival kit is lighter and more compact than the one you wear on your wrist. Depending on the terrain and type of environment you're hunting in, just give or take a few items and you'll be sure to live off the grid 'til help comes. What items can you add to this list of awesome wearable survival gear?

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