Family Communications Plan: How to Stay in Touch After a Crisis

November 3, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Whether you find yourself in a natural disaster or a major power outage, it's important to be prepared. Make sure your loved ones are prepared for any...

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November 3, 2023 / Comments (4)

Survival Skills | The Psychology of Staying Alive

October 24, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Survival is not all about knowledge and skills; it is also about having the right mindset. Anyone who considers himself or herself a survivalist or prepper...

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October 24, 2023 / Comments (11)

17 Signs That Most Americans Will Be Wiped Out | Financial Collapse

October 1, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments These are the 17 signs that most Americans will be wiped out should another incoming financial collapse happen again in the near future. The vast majority of...

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October 1, 2023 / Comments (24)

How to Properly Escape a Zip Tie Restraint

August 10, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Zip tie restraints are cheap and easy to come by, making them a very popular option when it comes to effectively restraining a human being. These things are...

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August 10, 2023 / Comments (9)

7 Military Disaster Survival Tips | Survival Life

August 9, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments When you find yourself in the middle of a military disaster, what should you do? Read on to find out! RELATED: Disaster Communication For Preppers |...

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August 9, 2023 / Comments (13)

Chemical Spills: Cleanup On Aisle 5…

June 3, 2023 How to Defend from CBRN Materials Click Here To See The Comments Have you ever accidentally spilled some chemical on yourself while cleaning, and it starts to burn? Ever pass a semi-truck...

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June 3, 2023 / Comments (4)

Disaster Preparedness Tips for the Sick or Disabled

March 16, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Preparedness is a culture that should be embraced by all kinds of people regardless of the condition of their health. It always pays to be ready for...

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Preparedness Tips for Those with Elderly Family Members

March 9, 2022 Click Here To See The Comments Preparedness tips for older folks or family members are equally important as those for adults and children. Surviving a disaster or any SHTF situation greatly...

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March 9, 2022 / Comments (2)

Disaster Preparedness: Prepping with Kids

February 6, 2022 Click Here To See The Comments Disaster preparedness is something you can teach your children at an early age. As parents or guardians, we want the next generation to be prepared for the...

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A SHTF Plan For Your Pets | Bugging Out With Man’s Best Friend

March 3, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments A third of Americans own at least one pet. This is a testament to how popular domesticated animals are in this country. Pets play an important role in the...

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March 3, 2020 / Comments (11)