7 Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own

FEATURE | Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own | Gun Carrier | Everyday Carry Items

Unpredictable circumstances can happen to the best of us, which makes everyday carry items useful in emergency situations.

You might notice someone following on your way to your car or a person trailing you while you're walking the streets. That is why it is of utmost importance to have our everyday carry with us before we head out the door.

Even if you have the best gear in the world, it's useless if you don't have it with you when you need them the most. Keeping that in mind, below are five necessary EDC items you must have with you on any given day!

Everyday Carry Items You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

1. A Handgun and an Extra Magazine

A Handgun and an Extra Magazine | Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own | Gun Carrier | Everyday Carry Items
We must not take our safety for granted. In a world where crime is increasing at an alarming rate, we can never let our guard down. Let's face it, most of us are not certified martial arts master who can fight off ten muggers at once.

That is exactly the reason why we carry a gun to protect ourselves against a stronger attacker. You can bring a concealable handgun with extra rounds, but make sure to know your local gun laws to be on the safe side. Also, find the right holster for your gun so you can feel comfortable throughout the day.

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2. A Reliable Pocket Knife

Knives maybe one of our oldest companions, but we can never deny the versatility and help it can provide. We use it for cutting, slicing, and it makes a lot of our daily tasks easier. Even so, an everyday carry knife is not just a tool, it can also be a self-defense weapon in a pinch.

Hoffman Richter Edge Gentleman's Folding Pocket Knife
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  • SLEEK AND DISCREET - When a tactical knife isn't practical this sophisticated pocket knife slips discreetly in your pocket to go everywhere you do
  • AMBIDEXTROUS OPENING - Whether you're a righty or a lefty, having thumb studs on both sides make it easy for you to open

3. A Small Flashlight

The importance of a flashlight comes even when we're caught in a life-or-death situation. When the mobile phone flashlight is not bright enough to provide the lighting needed, it'll be very convenient to know that an EDC flashlight is tucked in somewhere in your bag.

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There are a lot of brands with many great features. The most important thing is to think about how you can benefit from your EDC and use it in the circumstances you're in. Choose a flashlight that is easy to use, convenient to carry, and has a longer runtime than ordinary flashlights.

4. A Cell Phone

Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own | Gun Carrier | Everyday Carry Items
There are plenty of ways a cell phone can help us in emergency situations. In the modern world, virtually everyone has a cell phone with them every day.

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It allows us to call 911 and other emergency hotlines immediately and does not require an active service plan to make an SOS call. Cell phones have several features that are useful in our everyday lives. I always use the alarm clock, calendar, and calculator functions, which is heaps more convenient than having to bring individual items.

5. A Wallet

This EDC essential is almost a kit in itself which keeps our money, cards, and IDs organized.

Choose a wallet that is slim, lightweight, durable, and RFID resistant. Most credit cards and debit cards have switched over to including the RFID chip in them. We want to make sure that our wallet offers some level of protection.


6. A Lighter

A Lighter | Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own | Gun Carrier | Everyday Carry Items

You don't have to smoke for you to include a lighter in your list of EDC items. The value of fire in survival situations and emergencies are limitless. There will always be a time when a small flame is a great help. You can use it to sterilize a needle or manage a frayed rope for example.

7. A Pen

A Pen | Everyday Carry Items You Need To Own | Gun Carrier | Everyday Carry Items

Pens are always handy and a valuable item in your everyday carry list. Let's take for example you don't have power on your cell phone. You can use it to update your to-do list or even leave notes for rescuers in a survival situation.

A lot of pens have also been developed for tactical purposes you can use against potential attackers.

Want to keep your everyday carry items minimal? Watch this video from Last Line Of Defense and check out the items he carries every day!

Now, you have an idea of some of the top everyday carry items you need to have. Still, it is up to you what you want to include in your gears as long as you're prepared every single time you go out.

Be careful what you include and discard from your EDC gear. The purpose of having the right EDC gear is to be able to use them and use them efficiently in times of need.

Tell us about your own list of everyday carry items. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in October 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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