Everything You Wanted to Know About Guns at a Pawn Shop, But Were Afraid to Ask [PODCAST]

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August 5, 2021 / Comments (1)


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Everything You Wanted to Know About Guns at a Pawn Shop

Wholesalers, big box retail chains, and local gun shops conduct the overwhelming majority of firearm sales in the U.S. each year, but collectors and enthusiasts know that wandering from this beaten path has its rewards. In cities and towns across the country, merchants of a more eclectic bent work the fringes of the firearms business, buying and selling everything from today's most modern handguns and rifles to the breech-loading Civil War rifles and Wild West six shooters of American myth and history. But how does the buying, selling, and pawning of guns actually work?

In today's episode, hosts Kelly and JJ talk with Davron Harris of Max Pawn Las Vegas, a firearms expert and aficionado from Las Vegas, Nevada who also, it just so happens, is a seasoned vet of the pawn shop trade. Just how do dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts buy, sell, and trade firearms when pawning is involved? How do pawnbrokers handle first-time gun owners who might know nothing of safe storage? What other roles do these hands-on historians and purveyors of the world's arcana play every time they come into work?

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