5 Completely Unforgettable Facts About Whitetail Deer Hunters Should Know

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Check out these unforgettable facts about whitetail deer every hunter should know!

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Do You Know Any of These Facts About Whitetail Deer?

Amazing Whitetail Deer Facts

To hunt deer, one must know deer. And these days, you don't really have to do extensive research to get these facts about whitetail deer. There are numerous sources where you can find this information and if you're here to do your homework, that's a good thing.

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Whitetails are an agile game and very capable of noticing changes in the environment. Their senses help them avoid danger in more ways than you could ever imagine.

As such, they can be elusive if you don't know how to look for them in their deer habitat. So to get better chances at bagging a big whitetail, check out these amazing facts about deer a hunter must know.

1. Whitetail Can Communicate Through Their Tails

The white coloring on the whitetail isn't there just for display. They use it to signal other deer that they sense danger.


However, this can also benefit you as a hunter by letting you know that the deer senses you. When you see a deer doing this, you know it's time to lay low and wait for another opportunity to strike.

2. Whitetail Coats Change with the Season

If you think whitetails have the same color all year round, you're dead wrong. They actually adapt to the environment from season to season allowing them to blend in better.


During the summer, you'll see their coat as kinda reddish and change to grayish brown to camouflage in the snow during winter.

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3. Deer Have Wide Vision

You might have noticed that the deer's eyes are positioned on the side of their heads. Thus, they are able to see as wide as 310 degrees around them.


However, this may cause a disadvantage to whitetails since they're not very proficient in focusing on things. Furthermore, they have poor depth perception but can still make out silhouettes from the environment.

4. Big Antlers Get Deer Laid

This may probably be the most well-known deer fact and this goes for all types of deer characteristics as well. Big majestic antlers are used by bucks to establish dominance over other males.


In addition, the more dominant male has the rights to mate with does. Consequently, I think twice before shooting down a big buck for trophy knowing it may produce more offspring leading to a healthier herd population.

5. Fully Grown Deer Stand 3-Feet Tall

A hunter must always be able to tell whether a deer is fully grown, or just a fawn. I personally dislike shooting fawns for a simple reason — they have less meat than fully grown deer.


A fully grown deer can measure 3 feet from hoof to the top of the back. However, bigger deer species like elk can stand up to 6 feet.

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9 Completely Unforgettable Facts About Whitetail Deer Hunters Should Know

Whitetails are indeed awesome creatures. I bet you didn't know some of these deer facts until now.

Knowing how these animals behave is definitely a big help for hunters. You'd be lucky to spot one while hunting, now you can use this information to outsmart this elusive animal.

Do you know of other whitetail facts not included in this list? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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