Famous Hiking Boot Brands Every Hiker Should Recognize

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Hiking Boots

It's always important to have a nice, comfortable, and durable piece of footwear in a survival situation or just for your usual backpacking trip.  You want to be worry-free when it comes to your shoes so you need to know which hiking boot brands are highly recognized as tough and comfy for your precious feet.  Rocks, streams, and mud are always part of the fun and adventures of the trail.  These challenges made trail hiking famous as it is today so you gotta have boots that are built for this type of activity.

Famous Hiking Boot Brands Every Hiker Should Recognize

The job of your hiking boots is to make you finish a hike with your feet still feeling great.  That's why some hiking boot brands stand out from the rest.  Brands that have stayed at the top of the hiking industry for so long due to consistently manufacturing footwear at the highest quality.  What matters most in a hiking footwear is the support the boots give you, the materials that it's made of, and how the boots fit.  When I'm in a store looking at famous boot brands such as Salomon and Merrell, I could almost always say these should be good for my hike.  Now these are the boot brands every hiker should know about.

1. Keen

Keen hiking boots are known for their quality leather.  Just by looking at one shows the trademark high quality materials and rubber toe cap that Keen boots have.  I have to say these boots are specifically made for the aggressive hiker.

2. Salomon

Salomon's success is not only limited to hiking gear but with apparel and ski product as well.  They produce high quality boots that are mostly dark in color and a foot pad that works great against microbes and foul odors.  It's a feature in hiking boots that are called Ortholite pad.

3. Timberland


Timberland have been manufacturing very dependable hiking boots for a long time.  These boots are popular for the yellow leather look that is also perfect for casual men's wear.  Timberland hiking boots are sturdy and have rubber soles that provide good grip even on wet grounds.

4. Columbia


Columbia boots are known for their simple design.  But make no mistake, these boots are very durable and can last for so many years.  They're really comfortable even on rough terrain securing your foot with Omnigrip technology.

5. Merrell


Merrell boots are lightweight and are capable of drying faster than most hiking boots brand.  I have a pair of Merrell's now and a few pairs before when I started hiking.  I have to say these boots are very breathable and insoles that feel gentle on my feet.

6. Vasque

The level of comfort for this brand is very impressive.  It has a blend of leather and mesh that does not only look appealing to outdoor enthusiasts, but also allows its breathability to be one of the best.

7. Adidas

The best hiking boots Adidas has produced is the Terrex Fast X High GTX.  It has performance enhancing flexibility and traction.  It has Gore Tex lining for its waterproof features and a great option for high mileage hikes.  Adidas vast experience in athletic footwear is exemplified in these boots.

8. Scarpa

If you're looking for boots that has great design, check out this brand.  Scarpa is also known for its trail running shoes that maximizes performance keeping your feet dry and comfortable with Gore Tex lining.  It also has Vibram Biometric for added convenience while running.

9. Ariat

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Ariat boots are great for hiking due to its stiffer sole for better support.  Though its grooves in the outer sole are not too deep unlike other hiking boot brands, its still good enough for hiking and also durable enough to last very long.

10. Lowa

Lowa hiking boots have excellent breathable materials that is designed for warmer temperatures.  Among the many waterproof hiking boots out there, this brand keeps your feet cooler with its Climate Control System.  It has the ability to wick moisture out and allow air inside the boots.


Watch this video of the Salomon Comet 3D GTX.

Every hiking boot brand mentioned in this list are known for their outstanding performance in the outdoors.  In my own experience, the fit of the boot is the most important aspect in which all these great brands have in common.  The boot holds your feet securely in place with comfortable and breathable materials.  So when you're looking for a hiking boot that you can rely on, remember these brands and they won't disappoint you.

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