Female Bow Hunter Receives Death Threats

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January 23, 2016 / Comments (5)


Why Was this Bow Hunter Threatened for Teaching Kids How to Hunt?

The anti-hunting crowd has once again proven that they are far more violent than the hunters they seem to hate so much.

Jen “The Archer” Cordaro, a prominent, female bow hunter from California revealed in a recent interview that she has received death threats after teaching children how to hunt.

“The initial reaction to the ‘Bring a Kid’ campaign actually was all positive,” said Cordaro on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. “I have more letters from kids than I can keep up with.”

However, it wasn’t long before the anti-hunting crowd found out about the campaign and the usual violent, hate filled threats followed shortly thereafter.

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“People want to murder my first born child,” Cordaro said. “I don’t have any kids, but that’s pretty scary to think about.”

“What I really haven’t talked to the media about at all is the things that are happening at my home and my place of employment,” said Cordaro. “So the death threats and the harassment and vandalism has gone beyond social media at this point. I’m dealing with it every day in my mailbox, at my house, on my car, at my work. Because they’re very close to home the proper authorities are involved at this point … I’m not stopping. There’s no reason for me to stop. If I stop they win.”

Courtesy of the Controversial Times.

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Female Bow Hunter Receives Death Threats

  1. Joseph says:

    Now that is Irony. People who abhor hunting and killing for food are willing to take a human life to protest killing a food source. Some people just don’t have a grasp on reality do they? Hey PETA, The world is not all rainbows and unicorns as you vision in your alluded acid trip. Animals are a food source. Hunting an animal for food is more humane than modern slaughter houses.

  2. Dave says:

    Your employer likely has security cams. Have the law enforcement guys look at the films to try to ID the people threatening you. And by the way, workplace harassment is illegal, and your employer can be held responsible if they ‘knew or should have known’. In the face of the possibility of such a lawsuit, they will likely fire anyone threatening you or even otherwise making you uncomfortable there.

  3. I realize that the threats are a concern, but teaching young people how to use hunting skills is a good thing. Besides archery is a sport and a skill very few people have. Teaching these young kids hunting skills will probably help them in the future when the SHTF. These dumb asses that are threatening you will be the first to harm people and steal food and water because there not smart enough to know how to survive when the SHTF. And the government turns there back on them when they need them the most because the government isn’t prepared for it ether ,and the law enforcement will be help less when this happens. I hope i am not around when it happens because no matter how much i try to prepare i don’t think it will be enough. Good luck to you and keep up the good work.

  4. Doc says:

    Don’t worry- the threat came from a liberal-they only have the stomach to kill inside the womb.

  5. Cole Dwyer says:

    I understand that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian and we know how he treated his fellow man.

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