Firearms Instructor Certification Training Course Part 2 of 4 (RIFLE DRILLS)

firearms instructor certification and The American Gun Association want to bring you the best in firearms instructor certification training.

We've teamed up with former CIA officer Jason Hanson and AGA to teach you everything you need to know about becoming an instructor, from where and how to operate, to shooting lessons and techniques, to all of the necessary legal hurdles you have to jump through to make this dream a reality.

How You Can Get Firearms Instructor Certification?

All shot on location at Hanson's fully operational training facility in Utah, this incredible free course offers all the tools to become your own boss in the firearms instructor industry.

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If you missed lesson one on handgun drill, you can find it right here. Lesson 2 in this multi-part series, with an emphasis on rifle drills, begins right now:

Part 2 – Rifle Drills

Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills

 Lesson 2.1 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 1

With the previous modules, you learned how to do drills and shooting positions using a pistol. In this upcoming series, you’ll learn how to do drills and shooting positions using a rifle. Although we’ll have the same drills and shooting position, both guns have different approaches.
Rifle courses are extremely popular these days, but a lot of people who own a rifle aren't very familiar with them.

Click the video below for:

  • Types of rifles you can normally expect to teach with
  • Four firearms safety rules
  • CCA Defensive Rifle Notes Overview
  • Protective gear upsells to boost customer service satisfaction
  • Optics assessment, rifle maintenance checklists, and optimal mag loads

Lesson 2.2 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 2

The second part of this rifle drills series focuses primarily on how to teach your students about zeroing a rifle.

Click the video below for:

  • Firing on Exhale
  • How to check your students’ zeroing output
  • Site Adjustment Tools

Lesson 2.3 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 3

Don't know what the distance simulation target drill is? You will. You will also learn several other rifle drills using the man with gun target, closer range rifle drills, and tactical reload drills. We will also address the offset factor with distance.

firearm instructor certification

Click the video below for:

  • Distance simulation target drill for testing accuracy and trigger control
  • Five-round practice at targets at sequentially different distances
  • Specific trigger control enhancement techniques
  • Critical offset explanation
Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 3

Lesson 2.4 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 4

Part 4 of this second series is all about employing the riflemen's cadence drill. It will show you how to get your students into a good rhythm, firing about one second apart. It covers stance, grip, trigger control, etc. The second cadence drill expands on the timeline and focuses on 10 shots within a 40-second time period.

Click the video below for:

  • Two separate rifleman cadence drills
  • SEB targets, precision shots, and additional accuracy-building shots
  • Reaction time, threat drills, and headshots
  • Partner rifle drills
Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 4

Lesson 2.5 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 5

Part 5 of this series will show you the best way to teach your students when it comes to using the Stand Up and Fire Drill, Ball and Dummy Drill, and the 3 Circles Target Drill. This section also covers the key positions you need to know for all manner of rifle drills.

Click the video below for:

  • Stand Up Drill
  • Fire Drill
  • Ball and Dummy Drill
  • 3 Cycles Target Drill
  • Extended rifle positions, including the Squatting and Sitting positions.
Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 5

Lesson 2.6 – Live Fire Assault Rifle Drills Part 6

The final module of this rifle series focused on extended Man-With-Gun target drills. It will teach you the safest and most effective ways to train your students in dealing with an armed perpetrator.

firearm instructor certification

Click the video below for:

  • Dry Man-With-Gun Drills
  • How to safely transition between firearms
  • Moving from prone to standing
  • Increased speed drills
  • Offset training
Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 6


Lesson 2.7 – Rifle Qualification

The final lesson in this rifle series brings us to Rifle Course Qualification. It will teach you specifically how to gauge your students' new-found skill sets when it comes to rifle use. The video shows how a student will be tested and how they are graded. It will also teach you what to do if (sometimes inevitable) malfunctions occur.

Click the video below for:

  • 1st Stage – 25-yard line: 10 rounds in 40 seconds (Drop down Position)
  • 2nd Stage – 15-yard line: 5 rounds in 15 seconds (Sitting Position)
  • 3rd Stage – 10-yard line: 5 rounds in 10 seconds (Kneeling Position)
  • Final Stage – 7-yard line: 10 rounds in 20 seconds
Rifle Qualification

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