First Aid Facts For Hunting Dogs

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Sure you're a dog lover and you wanna bring your pet on all your outdoor activities like hiking or hunting, but do you have any idea about dogs' first aid facts? First aid is as important to humans as it is to our furry companions. If you plan to bring dogs to aid you while hunting, they should be included when accounting for possible injury. Needless to say that as a companion in hunting, they should be treated as companions in case they get injured. Take these first aid facts for hunting dogs and ensure a safe hunting trip for everyone!

First Aid Facts For Hunting Dogs

I once had a friend whose dog died of heat stroke while trekking in the mountains. It wasn't abrupt or anything. It could have been prevented had my friend noticed the symptoms and applied first aid. To prevent this from happening to your dog, learn these first aid facts cause it might one day save your dog's life.

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Some Dog Breeds Have Health Issues

Some breeds are naturally susceptible to certain diseases like golden retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia while beagles are prone to seizures. I find this pin very enlightening and it's got lots of info about dogs.

Dogs' First Aid Kit Differ From Humans

Dogs differ in anatomy from humans and so they should have their own first aid kit. Check out this pin on what to bring for a basic first aid kit!

Dogs Can't Administer First Aid To Themselves

It's not enough that you have a first aid kit for dogs 'cause they can't administer first aid to themselves. Even the most complete first aid kit will be rendered useless if you don't know how to use a single item in it.

Your Pets Can't Express Their Pain Verbally

Unlike humans, dogs can't speak and therefore they cannot articulate their pain any more than their body language. If you notice something strange about your dog, or it's acting weird, check for injuries at once.

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For a video on how to properly administer CPR for dogs by the Hallmark Channel, click on the play button below!

Dogs feel joy and excitement but just like us, they get tired or get injured and feel pain too. It is necessary to know the limits of your dog to prevent them from working beyond their capabilities.


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