10 Easy To Use Fishing Poles For Beginners

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Beginning a sport, or any other endeavor for that matter, can be daunting. As a beginner, I wasn't really definite that I would venture too deep into fishing. Consequently, I didn't want to spend so much on fishing poles and reels that I might want to throw away so easily. So today, I'll share with you some of my insights on which fishing poles to get as a beginner.

10 Easy To Use 10 Easy To Use Fishing Poles For Beginners

Top 10 Beginner Rods For Newbie Anglers

There are a few things to remember when purchasing fishing poles, (that's as an angler newbie). Namely, these are price, weight, and versatility. Typically, you'd want a rod that's easily portable and suits many types of angling so you can try out different techniques and stick to it in the process. Finally, you don't want a pole that's discouragingly expensive. So without further ado, here are the best fishing rods for beginners.

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Okuma Inshore Travel Rod

To start off, I'd like to introduce you to the Okuma Inshore Travel Rod. Now this 3-pc rod has got almost all of the desirable features you want in fishing poles. Although the price stings quite a bit compared to the rest but all-in-all, I'd recommend getting this fishing pole.

Santiam SFC-764 Rod

Another great pick is the Santiam SFC-764 which starts at around $70-$80 with excellent action. The handle is fairly sensitive with which you can feel smaller fish with. Furthermore, the 4-piece rod design is excellent when considering your family's baggage as well. Thus, the SFC-764 is suitable for side-trip fishing or angler beginners like you.

Okuma Citrix 3-Piece Travel Rod

Another entry from Okuma is the Citrix 3-piece travel rod. Great action as well but slightly heavier which is desirable for first-time fishers. Stiffness generally indicates the type of fishing(e.g. fast rods for fly fishing) so you don't want something that's too specialized for a beginner. I'd probably rank this at the upper half(if I'm listing them by rank) because of its overall versatility and value for the money.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

The Ugly Stik might just be the most popular fishing rod for beginners. At a little over 30 bucks, you'll be sure to have a great time fishing with this ultimately versatile rod. This rod definitely made its way to this list from when it was conceived over 30 years ago. Since then it has proved its strength, portability, and versatility at such a low price.

Pflueger Echelon Rod and Reel Combo

While the Stik finds itself at the top of the rod chain, Pflueger closely follows right next. Plus, it comes with a reel $50 short–less than what you'd spend for a rod alone! The Echelon has great reviews online and is even featured in The Best Fishing Rod Guide's top five beginner rods! Read more here.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock

Although this rod is specially designed for heavy fish hauling, the sensitive handle, and great price makes it awesome for newbies. When you're not used to fishing, you won't feel small fish biting the bait so the Lightning Rod Shock takes care of that making its way to this list.

Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod

I'd also recommend the Vendetta Spinning Rod which is excellent for beginners. The versatility of this rod is superbly reeling in trout, bass, and other big fish. This rod has excellent action and is extremely budget-friendly starting out at $42 with a wide array of length, power, action, and handle options up to the top price of $80.

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Quantum Fishing Ultrex Baitcast Combo

For under $50 you'll have yourself a decent rod with the Ultrex Baitcast combo that comes in with a reel. The Quantum Ultrex Baitcast Combo might not be the best pole for pros but it fits perfectly for expendable beginner needs.

Okuma Safina Pro Spinning Comboir?t=thbefirogu09 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003IINTC2

The Safina Pro Spinning Combo is the epitome of an all-rounder rod and reel at a very low price. This fishing pole is also good for either inshore saltwater or freshwater fishing. This isn't exactly the most durable rod and reel combo, but if you really doubt your interest in fishing, it could be a sweet deal. This might just hold the best value for an entry level rod and reel combo!

Roddy Hunter Pink Lady 2 – Pc. Spinning Combo 5 1/2′ir?t=thbefirogu09 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0028F4TU2

Let's not forget about the ladies here so let's also feature an excellent fishing rod for them sassy anglers. The Pink Lady 2 holds just the perfect length and strength for lady anglers without having to spend too much money. At less than $30, you'll find yourself with a portable 2-piece rod and reel combo with great action.

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If you want to see Fishing with Rod‘s take on the best beginner rod and reel setup, click play below – or click [here]!

If you've got the dough in your wallet, I'd really recommend getting either the first three rods on this list. They might seem pricey, but they've definitely got great value. However, the rest of the items work well as well and they're very practical. If you've had some of these rods, share what you think with us through the comments!

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