The Most Exciting Flyboarding Destinations In The World

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Are you ready to feed your Iron Man fantasies through flyboarding? Check out the most thrilling and exciting places to flyboard in the world!

Know Where To Go Flyboarding | The Ultimate List

Flyboarding is a relatively new water sport steadily attracting adrenaline junkies and intrepid adventurers. Invented in 2012 by Frank Zapata, this water-propelled jetpack thrusts the user to hover over the water and dive in or stay underwater thus giving them a truly liberating and empowering feeling no other water sport can give. So if you have thoughts of becoming like Iron Man then flyboarding is definitely the answer to your unyielding fantasies. Below is a list of some of the most excellent destinations to flyboard and fulfill your extreme whimsical dreams.



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America is absolutely blessed with stunning sceneries. With mountainous coast and breathtaking landscapes along with the best facilities, this destination will make your flyboarding experience truly extraordinary. You'll be able to bask in this remarkably impressive outdoor activity in San Diego, Las Vegas or over the glorious waters of South Padre Island, Texas and this is just to name a few from a plethora of awesome spots in the U.S.


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Mexico has a coastline utterly unparalleled and unquestionably one of the most sought after vistas in the whole planet. This country is a paradise for outdoor lovers and devoted adventurers with its cerulean waters and sandy beaches. You can choose from the alluring Cabo San Lucas to the ever-seducing Cancun or the enticing Perto Vallarta. Whatever your choice is, I am pretty sure you'll have an astonishing and memorable time here in Mexico.


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No one can resist Spain's legendary coasts. With its pristine, refreshing and azure waters along with the panoramic view as a whimsically gorgeous backdrop, flyboarding in this destination is certainly a delightful treat. You can hit Catalonia, Balearic Islands, and Palma de Mallorca if you fancy a one of kind flyboarding experience.


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Being the birthplace of this extremely awesome water sport, France has a lot to offer anyone who wants to try this relatively new and one of the coolest sport ever invented. If you want a place that is not tourist-infested then you can head to Mayotte or if you desire a more lavish destination then St. Barts is the spot that will satisfy your opulent taste.


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The “Land Down Under” has been endowed with exceptionally attractive sights. Emanated from a vibrant diversity of underwater life, this destination is brimming off with life. The pellucid waters can render a perfect picture while flyboarding. So dive in and relish the awe-inspiring and scintillating blue waters of Australia.


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Dubai is a sprawling megalopolis uniquely envisioned and constructed to be a top notch destination. So for anyone looking for an adventure of a lifetime, Dubai will surely grant whatever outdoor activity you crave. Go flyboarding over its sparkling turquoise waters and for sure your experience will be filled with lots of thrill and excitement.


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There is no other place in the world that can match the astonishing diversity and tempting waters of Colombia. Its splendid coastline complements the Carribean skies and expresses a bravado present to none. One thing I tremendously love about this destination is the warm and very reggae-like vibe. Flyboard over the superb beaches of Cartagena and feel the enchanting power only the Carribean can offer.


Watch this video and learn the basics of flyboarding!

It is not always too late to try new things. Embarking on an adventure outside of your comfort zone will grant you a rejuvenating feeling. The invention of flyboard is one testament of human ingenuity at work. Our constant yearning for something new and sometimes outrageous and extreme gives us more reason to enjoy and explore life. After all, the future belongs to those who are dauntless enough to chase their dreams. Go out and see the world in a whole new perspective.

Do you have more flyboarding destinations in mind? You can drop your two cents in the comments below! 

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