Is the FN 509 Gun For You?

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Are you considering investing in the FN 509? Here is a sneak peek at all the specifications and features to expect with the FN 509 to evaluate whether it is the right gun for you at this particular time.

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Is the Fn 509 a Gun You Should Buy? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Barrel Size

Smoking gun on black background Fn 590 SS

The FN 509 Tactical’s barrel is around four and a half inches in length with an overall weight of about 28 ounces. What’s more, it features a thread protector on its muzzle. The thread protector is fitted with an o-ring fitted inside to ensure that it doesn’t back out while shooting. Keep in mind that some countries allow you to use this for a suppressor attachment.

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Semi automatic handgun with red highlights Fn 590 SS

Additionally, the FN 509 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sights. The handgun comes with suppressor height sights that are hard to miss. Furthermore, it features a sturdy optics-ready mount on its top where you can mount whichever red dot you want to add.


Though the standard sights are not the best for precision shooting, they are huge enough that you will not miss them in any light condition.


  • The plate at the top is removable
  • The rear sight is braced between two wings to help keep it in place should you drop it during use


Young people on tactical gun training classes Fn 590 SS

You do not have to stress about the functionality of the FN 509, especially if you are left-handed, because it comes with an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release on either side of the grip.

As a result, you do not need to push through the magazine release like other concealed carry guns because the release buttons exist on both sides.

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Pistol grip on an assault weapon taken when a red gel Fn 590 SS

Judging by the grip texture on this handgun, it is clear that its manufacturers did not hold back when coming up with the design. What’s more, there are about three to four different grip texture patterns that feel more or less like sandpaper, which every seasoned shooter wants in a gun.

Note: The back strap is replaceable if you are looking for a more 1911 feel than a rounded curve grip.


9 mm Bullets and Magazine Fn 590 SS

The FN 509 Tactical comes with one 17-round magazine. But the best part is the extra pair of 24-round magazines that come in the FN’s soft case. Keep in mind that you can purchase the 24-round magazines for extra ammo capacity if you already have a 509.

Optics Mounting System

Custom Handgun on table profile with red dot sight Fn 590 SS

The Fn 509 tactical pistol features a patent-pending low-profile optics mounting system compatible with more than ten commercially available red dots that work well with the gun’s tall suppressor height sights.

The Leopold delta point pro sight will, for instance, fit perfectly. All you will need to get is some longer screws to hold the sights in position. It, however, has an adapter plate fitted with an inbuilt o-ring, meaning that you do not need an additional Loctite on your red dot.

Note: Remember to clean the top before mounting your aftermarket optics.

FN 509 Signature Soft Case

Closeup of a 9 mm pistol with red dot sight Fn 590 SS

Most guns do not include soft cases, but the FN 509 comes with one, making it stand out. Here, it features two additional magazines with color-matched base plates. And an interchangeable back-strap.

The soft case also comes with a user manual and detailed instructions on how to install your red dot and optics plates and screws.

Pros of the Fn 509

  • The FN 509 has user-friendly controls. The slide stop, magazine release, and take-down lever are big enough hence easy to find
  • It has a great grip texture with the perfect amount of abrasiveness on your hands
  • Features an optic ready mounting system that works well with a wide variety of sights in the market today
  • Unlike many handguns, the FN 509 comes with a soft case

Cons of the Fn 509

  • FN has a heavy and inconsistent trigger pull, making it unpredictable for a self-defense handgun
  • It doesn’t come with a punch pin to remove the back strap
  • The gun feels big and chunky, which might not be ideal for shooters with small hands

Watch this video by KSGunGuy on FN 509 tactical VS Glock 19X – if I could have only one:

There you have it, fellow gun enthusiasts. With this detailed review, you are better placed to evaluate how well-suited the FN 509 is for your needs. However, keep in mind that being an improvement and having a military association, the FN has a hefty price tag attached to it. All in all, it is worth buying considering all the specs and features.

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Which among these will you choose over the FN 509 Tactical?

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What do you think about the Fn 509? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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28 Responses to :
Is the FN 509 Gun For You?

  1. Gerald says:

    I bought a FN 509 when they first came out and I’m very happy with it!

  2. steve western says:

    Iam not a 9mm person I have a 40 glock 22 ,but the left side eject is interesting and larger grip??

  3. Rick says:

    What trigger upgrades or adjustments have worked out to make it a double tappers dream if any and will it feed anything including rocks or is ramp and throating advised?

  4. Mark Hjelm says:

    What is the trigger pull,can it be replaced or modified?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Id like to order this gun . Send me the price list on everything that comes with this gun please.

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