For The Naysayers: 5 Things Proving That Gun Confiscation Is The Agenda

For The Naysayers: 5 Things Proving That Gun Confiscation Is The Agenda

My friends, fellow gun owners, and those of you with enough common sense to realize that guns aren't responsible for mass killings but a tool used in such crimes—I want to state that we are all in this together.

No more can there be division among us. No more can there be north vs. south, east vs. west. It doesn't matter where you are from, what the color of your skin is, or if you're wearing panties or boxer briefs.

We are all being attacked, each one of us. If you are a gun owner, like me, then what I'm about to show you applies to your life.

I'm so sick and tired of people saying: It's not about the guns. We're not taking away your guns. The people who believe we want their guns are conspiracy theorists…

I'm sick of it. So, I compiled a shortlist. I believe this list proves what the real agenda here is. That agenda is the confiscation of my guns, and yours. Check it out:


Though most of the left may lie about it, the real agenda is and has always been to take away your guns. If you don't believe me, consider Georgia's HB 731 which partially reads: 16-11-119.1.

(a) Any assault weapon, large capacity magazine, armor-piercing bullet, or incendiary .50 caliber bullet possessed, sold, or transferred in violation of this part is contraband and shall be seized and destroyed pursuant to subsection (b) of this Code section.

black revolver pistol on ground during daytime

They then go on to list most of the guns you or I would own, just to cover their bases. The main point of this bill was seizure.


Most of the major players have zipped lips when it comes to guns because it is such a hot issue for many people. However, every so often, one of them comes out and just says it.

This time, it was DNC Committee member Bonnie Schaefer who said: I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun. That’s just my own philosophy.

Remember that, friends. She doesn't think anyone should have a gun.


Of course, we always have the ability to read between the lines. In true political fashion, Hillary Clinton loves to dodge questions about the 2nd Amendment.

In one interview where she was asked about abolishing America's first freedom, she danced around the question like a mo-fo.

Say No to hillary

Say no to Hillary

Then, she finally answered: If it is a constitutional right, then it, like any other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations.

That first word “if” paints a thousand word picture, showing us that she doesn't believe that it is, in fact, a constitutional right.


Today's generation of child-bearing adults is raising progressive liberals who make their parents look like something else, entirely.

In at least one area, there are 8th graders who believe in a ban on “assault rifles” and handguns. Basically, the only type of gun they think American's should have are shotguns to be used for hunting.

assault rifles

My friends, children generally don't raise themselves and are almost always influenced by their parents.

Their agenda is to ban handguns and rifles to most likely “make the world a better place.” Of course, you and I know that a better place has guns in it where people can protect themselves.


On more than one occasion, both Barry O and Hillary referred to the Australian gun buyback as a model worth considering.

Mr. President said this: When Australia had a mass killing—I think it was in Tasmania—about 25 years ago, it was just so shocking, the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws,’ and they did.

And, Hillary said this: I don’t know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australia example is worth looking at.

The current democratic president and his potential replacement both quoted the Australian gun buyback as something they think would work.

But, they left out one important feature…it was a mandatory buyback. Another word that comes to mind, is confiscation—and that is the goal. They want to take our guns away, with the exception of just a select few for hunting purposes.

We cannot let this happen, because we know that the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment is for protection against tyranny, and not just for self-defense.

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Disclaimer: All content on this site is for informational purposes only. Please read our full disclaimer here.

8 Responses to :
For The Naysayers: 5 Things Proving That Gun Confiscation Is The Agenda

  1. KUETSA says:

    The second amendment is a right to a CAPABILITY through ownership of EFFECTIVE firearms that enable the capability of ENFORCING THE KEEPING OF OUR FREEDOMS AND SECURITY.
    Can’t do that with shotguns – can’t do that with handguns – they are under-ranged pop guns on the field of battle. It REQUIRES RIFLES. And you can’t do that against a modern enemy with LIMITED LOW CAPACITY SPORTING ARMS! It requires MODERN AR15 TYPE RIFLES AND STANDARD FULL CAPACITY MAGAZINES! Why do you think progressive socialists are in such a FRENZY to outlaw them, FOR OUR SAFETY? HA!
    Their aim is to fool the majority of Americans who are ignorant about the realities of firearms and ballistics capabilities, to get away with achieving their subverting of our constitution. Their aim is to “TAKE THE CAPABILITY” – FOR ALL THE SAME REASONS TOTALITARIANS HAVE DISARMED THEIR CITIZENS THROUGHOUT HISTORY!

    1. I-Gunny1951 says:

      Kuetsa- o wish I had said what you just did so well. Right on the money. And , yes, that is why the “Progressives” are working so hard to achieve confiscation. An armed, well-equipped adversary is impossible to control.

  2. Greg says:

    Removing guns from private owners is the last and only rules for radical point the left has not completed. Only criminals and tyrants gain when private citizens are disarmed. Stop The Benghazi Butcher if you love America.

  3. Anthony W Morris says:

    I come from a family of gun owners, my folks both fought in WWII. I am a life time NRA member and my son is a happy gun owner also…..there is no way anyone will ever disarm either of us and live to talk about it, just that simple.

  4. marty says:

    Only when the gun thugs and criminals turn in their gun frist. And then they’ ok just go and get their knifes.

    1. look in parts of Africa they the criminals come in with guns and or machettes and killed the people because they don,t have anything to protect their selves and that why we have the Constititution and also against this type of Government too and all people with common sense know they want to take away the arms of the people so they can control them like in Cuba and other places where the people is not allowed to have weapons period and we need to ban people that think We the people should not have them and the second Amenment period for any type of office too

  5. Marlin says:

    They seem to forget that the militia is only half of the 2cnd amendment. They like to forget the second part that states “The right of the people to keep and bear arms” has as much importance as the militia part.

  6. jose says:

    The problem is that Hell-lary could not control her husband from cheating on her many times so now she wants to be president to try to control the American people. Her ideas are the same as Castro. “Put fear on the people and they will do anything you say” she is blowing out of proportion these loonys in order to inflict panic so she can get away with murder

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