From the NRA Annual Meeting: HK SP5K


HK brought their newest version of the MP5 to the NRAAM

HK was in attendance at the NRA Annual Meeting. They had something with them that was causing a big stir and was much anticipated. On one of the tables was a pair of SP5K pistols (or, MP5K for the purists), and they were sexy.
While some have gone on to say that the MP5 is outdated and obsolete, I must say that I disagree. And, so do most people. HK has finally come to the realization that these pistols have a cult-like following, and people across the country salivate at the opportunity to own one–even if (until now) it isn't a real MP5.

In the not too distant past, I did a review of a gun that is actually tooled on original HK equipment. The Zenith Z5K runs flawlessly and does exactly what it is supposed to do. And, in the not too distant future, I'll be posting a video of the pistol in use, to show you just what it is capable of. Trust me when I say that it is a blast at the range.
But, this article isn't about Zenith. It's about Heckler & Koch.

HK says that this famed pistol will be made available sometime in July of 2016, and will sadly be priced too high for the average enthusiast to own (well, they didn't say that part. That was all me). With an MSRP of $2700, many will have to pass until they win the jackpot. Or, at least until next year's tax return.
Or, they could opt for a much cheaper licensed production model like the one from Zenith. Suddenly, those Turkish imports don't seem so expensive at “only” $1800/pistol.
Either way, it's about time that Heckler & Koch woke up to smell the coffee to pay attention to what people have been after. Finally, a real HK, semi-automatic version of the famous 9mm MP5 will be hitting the streets for anyone with enough cash.

Sound Off Gun Carriers! What do you think? Will you be purchasing an HK SP5K with your hard-earned cash? Or, will you opt for a cheaper version of the roller-delayed blow back design? Neither? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe to Gun Carrier's FREE Newsletter so you don't miss it when I put the video in the Zenith review.

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