VIDEO | Frontal Attack: Stick Vs. Stick

VIDEO | Frontal Attack: Stick Vs. Stick
Want to know how to defend yourself against a frontal attack?
There is always the possibility that a stick-wielding criminal can attack you. When used correctly, a forceful stick can be very effective self-defense weapon.
You can defend yourself by picking up a pipe or a stick anything that will be strong enough and won’t break. Coach Jeremy will explain how to defend against two stick attack angles: the overhand and flailing attacks.

Episode 15: Frontal Attack: Stick vs. Stick

Learn these vital self-defense and offense techniques by watching the latest episode of our new defense training series.
This is Coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching. Watch how he masterfully teaches you about proper stick vs. stick frontal attack defense techniques.


As always, the full self-defense course series of ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ can be FOUND HERE.

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