Gear Review: Bulldog Ladies Concealed Carry Lace Thigh Holster

bulldog lace holster

February 2, 2016 / Comments (2)

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bulldog lace holster

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Lady Gear Review: Thigh Holster Style

For anyone who has had the issue of wanting to conceal your firearm while trying to avoid the bulkiness of a standard holster, the Bulldog Women's Concealed Carry Lace Thigh Holster is a great option.
I bought this holster for $15 at Academy Sports & Outdoors while on vacation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is made out of an elastic lace, and has a silicone grip on the top of the holster (this way it wouldn't slip down your leg). It comes in black and white with matching garters, however there was no garter belt included. My main reason behind buying it was because I thought it was a cute option. It was so slim that when I would wear it under my dress or skirts, it wasn't noticeable in the slightest.
For the most part, this is a great product. But, there are some things about it that I would change. First, though the fabric is very lightweight, I feel that if they would have gone with a slightly thicker lace, then it would work out better.
According to the package, you could fit semi-automatic handguns up to 1 pound, but that did not work with me. I used it for my Bersa Thunder .380 Combat handgun, and my .22 lr NAA revolver. Both firearms are very light, so I thought it would work out great.
The Bersa was much too big. In fact, I felt the fabric stretching whenever I wore it. If I would have chosen to use it for a night out, then I guarantee that my gun would have slid out, and fallen on my foot. It was too much of a safety hazard, and it was not worth it to try and make it work.
I stuck with my NAA. It is so much lighter, and it fit perfectly in the pocket. One issue I did see immediately was that it would snag on the barrel quite a bit when I would walk. Another issue I had was that because the fabric was so thin, I could feel my gun pressed up against my leg, and when I took it off I had an indention on my thigh.
Personally, I feel as though just a little extra padding of less than .5 cm on the inside of the holster would make this product much better, and more comfortable. As it is it is a decent holster, but the package is very misleading.
If you do decide to buy this product here are some tips for getting the correct one:
Measure your thigh because the exact measurement is crucial in buying the right one. I have extremely strong legs, so I went back and forth from a medium/large. If you have a lot of muscle in your legs going a size up is a good thing. If your legs are thin, then stick with the correct measurement according to the sizes.
If you get this holster, adding a garter belt to the purchase is a good idea. I made the mistake of not buying one. While the grips are very strong, in hot, and humid weather it will not be enough to stay on your leg. I was in the middle of a very humid spring day, and even with just my NAA, I could feel the holster slipping. If my dress wasn't so tight around my legs, I do not think the holster would have stayed up.
Finally, weighing your firearm to get the proper weight is important, so you do not end up wasting your money if it doesn't work out.
If I had to rank this product I would give it a 7 out of 10. If you have bought, or decide to buy this product please comment your experience with it.
Editors note: Though the author recommends this product with a 7 out of 10, we don't recommend holsters that continually fall off the body. A firearm dropping to the ground is a serious concern. You could have a discharge, or lose the firearm if you don't know it is missing (don't laugh, it has happened). Though I've never used this holster, I cannot in good faith give it the Gun Carrier's stamp of approval. Stay safe, my friends.

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