Gear Review: Kinetic Concealment Hybrid Holster

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Kinetic Concealment makes a line of belt and inside-waistband holsters. They asked me to try out their Hybrid model for the Glock 43, being interested in a trial by a female.
I gave it a thorough test across a variety of circumstances, and, as usual, what I discovered isn’t related to gender so much as overall build and the common sense of EDC. Aside from that, there is one fashion recommendation best suited for the ladies. Here goes–

kinetic concealment holster back

Neoprene side showing adjustable points

The Hybrid is an IWB design made to be carried between the three-and six-o’clock positions, strong (shooting) side. It’s a Kydex mold, screwed into a flexible leather piece that’s backed by soft neoprene. Two metal clips, which can swivel, flank the gun and are to be mounted over a belt.
The clips and Kydex are adjustable up or down a couple of inches, using the Chicago-style screws that hold the components together. It was shipped with the Kydex in the highest position, where I left it for maximum concealment of the grip.
It’s a sizable rig —8-3/8 inches wide and 7-5/8 inches high at the largest points.
kinetic concealment

Kinetic Concealment holster

The gun isn’t coming out of this holster unless you draw it. There’s no way to penetrate the trigger guard when it’s holstered. For those reasons, it’s a very safe option.
Thanks to the excellent retention, there’s a bit of sound when drawing. It’s not a sound that says “gun” like the rrrrrrrip of Velcro, though.
The holster stayed put regardless of what I was doing or the kind of pants I wore. I even put it on drawstring shorts without a belt and ran three miles in it. It was comfortable, but the bottom flopped visibly, according to my running partner. It never threatened to come loose or pull my shorts down. (Hey, I take these tests seriously—and only run within distant view of already tolerant neighbors).

Regardless of gender, using the restroom is one of the most important times to be concerned for gun security. The Kinetic Concealment holster is easy this way–it just stays in place during the whole process. There’s no need to remove the gun from the holster, reducing the risk of dropping or forgetting it. By turning the rig under, it’s easily be made undetectable by someone looking under a door for an empty stall.
Thumbs up for every aspect of the security department.
Access to the Gun
Thumbs up. Clear the covering garment with the support hand, if needed, and draw with the strong hand. It’s quick and easy. A firing grip can be obtained in concealment, something I value highly. If a person has strong-side shoulder issues, drawing may present a problem, especially if staging the hand on the gun for any length of time.
Concealing the Gun
kinetic concealment holster

under tee shirt not bad until….

Here’s where this holster doesn’t work for this tester, not in the summertime anyway. I have a 28-inch natural waist, and wore the holster with shorts and pants that fall at the actual waist, as well as with a pair of mid-rise jeans.
Only with an oversized shirt did I not have problems with the shirt catching on top of the grip, exposing the gun. It was pretty unsettling when this happened in a Chinese restaurant, when I bent to pick up my phone (which I drop with embarrassing regularity).
Shopping for cards in a drugstore was another challenge, even with pants that button at the navel. I could feel the grip sticking out each time I reached for a lower shelf. To prevent severe printing, I adopted a stance with my gun-side leg far back and support side leg forward as I bent over, like a baby horse eating grass. Doing so took up the entire width of the aisle.
Adjusting the gun downward is something I considered, but it would’ve only made the exposure problem bigger by putting the grip closer to the bottom hem of my shirt.
kinetic concealment holster

…i bent over. A covering garment is really needed

Only with a crisp or thick covering garment like a blazer or parka will this holster not print on my body type. Otherwise, it does, even under a long, loose tee shirt. It’s therefore relegated to wintertime-only status in my estimation.
Someone larger-framed or with more fluffy real estate would surely have an easier time. I’m not a willowy-figured woman. I think the problems I had would be more severe on a thinner person.
A solution for women of thin to medium build would be the fit-and-flare style of blouse, especially in a print. That’s a popular style that would work, so long as the bottom is sufficiently long. It’s just not a style I choose, because I look like a linebacker in anything without a defined waist.
kinetic concealment holster

Better concealment under a patterned shirt until I bent over

This holster surprised me with its ease of wear, though getting it on takes a bit of doing, as reaching around to secure the lumbar clip while keeping it from pushing the undies down is quite an exercise—the labor of putting a belt on pants, and putting the holster on before donning the pants, is worth it here. It did get easier with practice.
Pants have to be loose, initially, to get this holster in them. Once there, it conforms to the body and is quite comfortable. I anticipated great discomfort when I drove with it the first time—but that never happened. It’s extremely comfortable once set up.
I was concerned that the metal backing of the screws would irritate my skin, but that turned out to be a non-issue. The neoprene is so cushiony, the metal doesn’t touch skin.
Gun accessories
The G43 used in the trial normally carries a Streamlight TLR-6 light/laser under the barrel. That had to be removed for the trial. As of now, it doesn’t appear Kinetic Concealment offers Kydex molded for common add-on devices. That doesn’t mean a person can’t ask.
kinetic concealment holster

Size 6 pants- the holster wraps around nearly a quarter of my circumference

At $65.95, in comparison to similar holsters, the Kinetic Concealment Hybrid IWB is a great value that should last a person about as long as more expensive options. It’s safe when used properly. The fit is best suited for people who have a generous midsection, or prefer loose-bottomed shirts or jackets that are on the long side.
Do you have any experience with a Kinetic Concealment Holster? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure you like our Facebook Page.
All photos by Team HB.

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