Gear Review: Nexbelt, The Carry Belt With No Holes


Nexbelt tactical belt
Inside-waistband gun carriers know that a belt is for much more than keeping your pants up. The Nexbelt, “the belt with no holes,” has proven itself to be a perfect choice for my daily carry. I love the low-profile buckle, the totally custom fit, and how solid it is to keep my gun and my pants in place.
The video shows how the belt works. It took me about two days of wearing it until I could undo the belt as fast as it goes on. Both are faster than belts with holes! has these web belts in OD green, as you see here, as well as tan, black, and Realtree. If webbing’s not your thing, they also have black and brown finished leather for an extra $10. Here is the video review:

If you like what you see in my review video, they give new customers a 20% discount on the belt that usually costs $49.99. Personally, I think that's a great price for a reliable and easy to use belt.

Nexbelt with Guardian Angel IWB holster

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