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Geissele Automatics is known for manufacturing high-quality gun parts and accessories, which are used by the US Special Forces. Now, the company also has become a weapon maker, creating entire rifles, including the Super Duty Rifle.

Is it the best duty-grade weapon out there? Let's find out in this Geissele Super Duty Rifle review.

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A Rifle for Special Forces Officers | Geissele Super Duty Rifle Review

Silhouette Shot of Soldier Holding Gun | Geissele Super Duty Rifle Review

Gun Specs

The Super Duty Rifle is available in four different colors:

  • Gray
  • Olive Drab (OD) Green
  • Luna Black
  • Desert Dirt Color or DDC (Geissele's version of Flat Dark Earth or FDE)

Here are the firearm specs:

  • Barrel length: 16 inches
  • Caliber: 5.56 mm
  • Charging handle: Geissele Airborne
  • Gas block: Super compact
  • Muzzle: SureFire SF3P
  • Overall length: 34 inches (stock collapsed), 37.25 inches (stock extended)
  • Stock: B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD
  • Trigger: Geissele SSA-E X with Lightning Bow
  • Weight: 7 lbs, 1 oz


The Super Duty Rifle consists mainly of parts from Geissele.

The barrel is cold hammer-forged and precision machined using high-quality components at Geissele's state-of-the-art facility located in Pennsylvania. It is chrome-lined, finished with manganese phosphate, and fires a 5.56 NATO cartridge.

Meanwhile, the super mid-length gas system and super compact gas block, which is pinned to the barrel, are also Geissele's. The length of the gas system is longer than a mid-length but shorter than a rifle length.

These parts provide you with the smoothest operation and maximum performance even under heavy use in an extreme environment.


Did you know that the SSA-E X with Lightning Bow trigger is unique and exclusive to the Super Duty line-up?

Yes, this nanocoated, two-stage, 3.5-pound pull trigger only comes in Geissele Super Duty weapons!

What's more, it features a bow shape and a wide body that can give you that perfect balance between a flat trigger and a curved trigger.

Bolt Carrier Group

The heart of the Super Duty Rifle is the Geissele Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (REBCG), which is located at the back of the barrel. This bolt carrier group is coated with Nanoweapon and features a chrome-lined, staked, and properly torqued gas key.

Furthermore, the carrier is made from 8620 alloy steel, while the cam pin is made from H13 tool steel.

The REBCG also comes with extended upper rails, giving you improved stability and feeding reliability.

The Geissele Stressproof Bolt is made from hardened steel known as Carpenter 158. It is forged, making the steel's grain structure optimized.

Additionally, the bolt is developed by metallurgists, making it strong, clean, and fatigue-resistant. Each bolt underwent high-pressure tests and rigorous inspections.

To help you in operating the bolt, the company added an Airborne Charging Handle (ACH). This charging handle is low-profile, to avoid getting tangled with your gear, yet ambidextrous.


Both the upper and lower receivers of the Super Duty Rifle are made in-house out of aluminum forgings. Because of their strength, the firearm can endure intense conditions.

The lower has a buffer tube with Super 42 Buffer Spring. This assembly provides enhanced reliability, minimized recoil, and improved functionality.

In addition, the lower build kit features the Geissele Ultra Duty. This comes with a trigger guard and selector that are ambidextrous and ergonomically improved.


Geissele is known for creating strong handguards in the biz. And the handguard of the Super Duty Rifle features a 15-inch MK16 Super Modular Rail, which is mounted to your upper receiver.

This octagonal tube is light and slim but uses a beefy precision-machined barrel nut. It also incorporates cross bolts to secure the barrel nut to the MK16 rail.

These cross bolts and barrel nut keep the firearm from moving forward. Meanwhile, the locking screws prevent the handguard from rotating.

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The DDC, black, and gray Super Duty Rifles come with an A2 pistol grip. On the other hand, the OD green model comes with the Type 23 B-Grip from B5 Systems. This type of grip is more textured and has a more vertical angle than the A2 pistol grip.

But whichever variant of Super Duty Rifle you choose, it comes with B5 Systems' Enhanced SOPMOD stock.

This stock has two storage compartments that are wide enough to fit spare batteries and bolts.

The buttstock matches the color of the rifle, except for the gray Super Duty Rifle, as it comes with a black stock.


The 16-inch barrel of the Super Duty Rifle is coated with black oxide. Additionally, the SureFire SF3P flash hider or flash suppressor, which is securely mounted on the barrel, and all the individual parts of the REBCG are also coated with Nanoweapon.

In addition, the lower parts are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and coated in type 3 hard anodize. This build enhances the firearm's strength, as well as its corrosion resistance.


If you were to bring the Super Duty Rifle to the range, it would shoot accurately, just as what you would expect from a duty-grade rifle.

But if you wish to take this firearm to a competition, a muzzle brake would help control what minimal recoil there is.

Moreover, you do not have to change its trigger! The Geissele SSA-E X with Lightning Bow is crisp, light, and fast.


On the downside, the price tag of the Super Duty Rifle may not be that spectacular for your eyes.

It starts at $1,750, and any modifications you would want to do to your firearm will add to that price.

However, with the durability and extreme performance of this weapon, rest assured that you get what you pay for.

Overall Verdict

Silhouette of Military Soldier with Weapon | Geissele Super Duty Rifle Review

Geissele is not the go-to firearms manufacturer of the US Special Operations for no reason. Their weapons provide remarkable value.

The Super Duty Rifle may cost twice as much as the other duty rifles out there, but it sure is worth your every penny. With its reliability, you can stack this firearm against other rifles, regardless of the cost.

Check out this video by GeisseleAutomatics as they talk about their line of super precision scope mounts:

You can find Geissele parts and accessories, such as triggers, scope mounts, and rails, in various carbines and rifles used by the US Special Forces.

Now that the company is also manufacturing complete rifles, you can be sure that these firearms, including the Super Duty Rifle, have passed the US military standards as well.

Which of these factors do you consider the most when choosing a duty-grade rifle?

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Do you currently own a duty rifle? How is your experience with it so far? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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