A Look At German Hunting Knives: Boker Knives At Shot Show

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October 16, 2019 / Comments Off on A Look At German Hunting Knives: Boker Knives At Shot Show

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The SHOT Show is an annual event for all shooting, hunting, and outdoor traders all over the world to gather in a single spot. This year, Boker Knives, a German hunting knives manufacturer, is participating in the said event. Furthermore, Boker USA brought along a few of their newest knives to town. In addition to being new, some of these knives are products of Germany's best knife designers! Have a look at Boker's featured knives at the SHOT Show!

A Look At German Hunting Knives: Boker Knives At Shot Show

German hunting knives are surprisingly popular in the US. One of their latest hits on the market is the Kwaiken Flipper. However, they also got other great knives in their arsenal like Tony Lennartz's survival knife set that shows great promise. Take a close look at all the Boker Knives in the SHOT Show!

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Most of the German hunting knives present at the 2016 SHOT Show are folding knives made with high-quality steel. However, these are all very durable with varying types of handles. So take a peek at the Boker Knives highlights!

Boker Plus USA

The list starts off with the Boker Plus USA folding knives. These are available in different color handles but are all of the same synthetic material. Furthermore, the blade is 154 CM steel while the reversible pocket clip allows for easy access for lefties as well. Now, take a look at the size of that knife and how it's curved around the blade. You know that's meant for cutting. The handle is fitted and shaped as such for maximum grip, and the texture prevents it from slipping out of your hands.

Kwaiken Flipper Folder

This sleek folder is a product of Lucas Barnley's design and the hard-hitting VG 10 Japanese steel for its blade. This one is probably my favorite because not only does it look good, but it can cut. Notice how the blade curves out at an angle towads the end? That's meant for precision striking and easy penetration. The knife has had a success in the market due to the IKBS ball bearing system for easy opening and closing. And, the knife is also available with a shorter blade!

Tony Lennartz Survival Knives

The famous knife designer made the Boker GEK(German Expedition Knives) in three different sizes. These M690 steel knives are the best for wilderness survival tasks and comes with the small EDC versions as well. The rubber inlays can be replaced with solid ones if you don't like the handle hollow. Frankly, the rubber inlays make it easy to grip these knives. I don't mind the bare bone feeling of the steel handle, but they get too slippery when you wear a glove while handling it.

All these German hunting knives were featured in the SHOT Show by Boker Germany's very own Tobias Leckebusch. He came all the way from the Germany headquarters to show us all these amazing knives that can play a vital role in your hunting. So what do you think about these knives?

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