How To Get Ready For The Post Election Apocalypse

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Getting ready for the post election apocalypse.
The current condition of the United States of America is enough to worry anyone. Both sides of the coin are paranoid about the upcoming election. And, to be honest, both candidates leave a lot to be desired. Still, in my opinion, one of them is miles above the other. I'm not going to get into politics right now, because I'm about sick of it all.
What I do want to get into, is the state of our country leading up to, and the aftermath of this election just in case civil unrest ensues. In case you haven't noticed, America is on the brink of something YUGE—and it's not a good thing. Both sides of the proverbial coin hate each other. People are rioting (er, “protesting”) in various states and some of them are even threatening each other because of their skin color.
Literally, the world we live in is growing more chaotic and there is currently no sign of it getting any better.

To make matters even worse, both sides are threatening violence if the opposing party is elected to office. What can we do? Well, by my calculations, there are four things we can do. Ready?
  1. Vote.
  2. Buy Ammo.
  3. Buy Guns.
  4. Buy Food.

You don't need to do them in that order, either. I mean, we don't vote yet for a bit, and having a lot of ammo is more important than having a lot of guns.

When preparing for civil unrest, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. First, you should have more than one gun in any given caliber. And, the more platforms you have in that caliber the better.
What am I talking here? What's a platform? Well, for example, I currently have in my possession several 9mm handguns. I also have a 9mm carbine for a few different reasons. First, 9mm is plentiful. Second, this particular carbine holds 30 rounds of 9mm which is plenty. Third, the carbine's longer barrel helps the projectile's ballistics out and because of the increased sight radius, it's much more accurate. Fourth, 9mm is currently very inexpensive when compared with other, similar performing ammo.
Let's dissect this further. The 9mm cartridge is carried by the military and many police organizations. In civil unrest, it will likely be the most accessible. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have any other handgun calibers, because you should if you can afford it. The next most popular self-defense cartridge is likely .45ACP.

It would pay to have something in .45, just in case. In addition, at least one rifle in a popular cartridge, like 5.56 NATO, is a necessity for many of the same reasons like affordability, functionality, and accessibility.
Now, you may think what I'm about to say next is a bit nutty, but I believe it to be true. You can hunt animals with a pistol caliber carbine in 9mm. Granted, big game is a bit much for it, but for medium and smaller game, it is sufficient. For animals like deer, 5.56/.223 is an excellent choice and able to get the job done with well placed shots.
While on the topic of food, it may also be a good idea to have a few weeks of food in your pantry, as well. The key here, is to buy foods that you already eat so that you can continue to eat them while you're waiting for the SHTF, and cycle them through periodically. Anything that has a shelf-life of at least a few months is good to start.

Plus, if it is food you're already eating, it won't be that big of a deal because you won't have to adjust to something you've never eaten before. Then again, it's also a good time to start learning which wild edibles you can munch on in case little green men take over the earth. Trust me when I say there are a lot of things you've got growing in your yard, right now, that you can eat. I just walked out in my yard, and counted 9 different things I know for a fact can be eaten.
I can all but guarantee that your part of the planet has food on it, growing right out of the ground (with a few exceptions, of course). When I walked into my yard, I found dandelions, plantain (think greens, not bananas), chicory, milk thistle, black walnuts, clover, wild lettuce, wild onions, etc. Different parts of the country will yield different plants. Do the research for where you live now, before it's needed. Get a taste for it, and learn how to eat/cook with it. You'll be glad you did.
The truth is, we don't really know what, if anything, is going to happen in the days after the election. Personally speaking, I'm going to do everything I can to protect and feed my family, and that means starting to get ready for it sooner than later. Then again, if history has taught us anything, it's always better to have a little extra ammo and food laying around, just in case. What do you think? Will there be civil unrest? Or, am I overreacting here? Let me know in the comments. Then, make sure you like the Gun Carrier Facebook Page.

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