Gift Ideas For Your Gun Girl

December 6, 2016 / Comments (1)

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Gift Ideas for the Gun Girl in Your Life

In my family, we celebrate the holidays from my birthday in early November to my husband’s birthday in late February. I understand that for many of you, the gift-giving season is just mostly right now in December, though, and with that much less time to shop, I thought I might be able to help you out a little. To do so, I asked several of my women shooting friends what they want this year and combined it with my own list for some ideas for the ladies in your life.

  • Guns! An obvious big ticket item to gift, but be careful here because every one of my girlfriends were very specific about brands and models on their wish lists. In addition to complying with applicable gun laws, don’t assume that the gun you think she wants is the right one. A gift certificate would be a happy medium for many of us. Or let us buy the gun, and you get us the Cerakote to go with it.
My SIG Legion

Last year, I got myself this bad boy, a SIG Sauer Legion P226 SAO.

  • Gun parts. For the women who already have guns they’re happy with, many of them would like to see upgrades or spare parts. A Lone Wolf Glock upgrade package could be a great stocking stuffing, for instance. And don’t discount the fun of several boxes full of AR parts. AR-15 rifles aren’t just Legos for boys.

Over several gift-giving occasions, my husband indulged me with all of the parts and the Cerakote for my “Purple Zebra” rifle.

My parents were confused when this ended up on my wish list, but my Pelican case has been one of my most-used gifts ever.

  • Range time. Several women were hoping to get the gift of membership to their local range or competitive shooting organization, whether just for the upcoming year or even a lifetime membership. I also heard a lot of requests for match fees, such as to the Babes with Bullets 3 Gun Challenge, or hunting trips, not to mention the hotel and travel costs associated with going to those events.
  • girl giftsTraining. Travel costs are also a component of the training that many women asked for, as well as help with taking care of things at home, like childcare or errand-running. As for the specific classes? Ask the woman you’re buying for, because I heard everything from private lessons with a local instructor to survival courses to fantasy camp to training conferences, and much more.
  • Education. I love in-person classes, but one of the education resources I’m looking forward to myself is access to The Shooter’s Summit, partially because in past years, I already asked for and received books from pros like Ben Stoeger, Steve Anderson, and Brian Enos. Note that in order to gift The Shooter’s Summit, you will either need to buy your own subscription or email them directly.
  • Ammunition. All of my girlfriends agreed that guns, gear, and range time would be great, but hard to enjoy without ammo. Requests ranged from practice ammunition to match-grade precision rounds, not to mention just straight up components like powder and bullets. A few ladies also asked for reloading equipment so they could DIY their ammo too.

I’m sure that many men would appreciate these gifts too because it turns out that women shooters want the same things: high quality gear and training and opportunity to use it. So while I started trying to come up with a list of gift ideas for the ladies, it turns out that these suggestions might work for any shooter. With that in mind, what will you give this year to the shooter in your life?

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