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From The Manufacturer/Wikipedia/People Smarter Than Us:
The GLOCK 20, in 10mm AUTO, provides nothing short of massive firepower especially suited for hunting. The use of GLOCK hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil. With muzzle energy of 550 ft/lbs, and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, this 10mm is your reliable companion on every hunt. The G20 also provides a safe and accurate finishing shot, even when hunting big game.
Glock 20 | G20 | 10mm Pistol | GLOCK USA

Stats & Specs:

    • Barrel: 4.6”


  • Caliber: .45 ACP, 10mm


  • Capacity: 13/15-shot mag


  • Features: Safe Action, Gen4 option available, threaded barrel available on G21 SF


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  • Finish: Black


  • Grips: Polymer


  • Sights: Fixed


  • Weight: 29.31-30.71 ounces

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Glock 20 Price New $680, Price Used (See Below)

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