Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

Feature | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

December 31, 2023 / Comments (1)

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The Glock pistol is so popular that 65% of United States law enforcement officers use the Glock 17 as their primary handgun. Know why here.

What Makes the Glock Pistol a Famous Handgun of Choice?

The Popularity of the Glock Pistol

With the recent addition of the 5th generation Glock handguns, we wanted to take a look at the reasons why they have become the first choice for so many people around the globe.

The entire planet has 60 countries using a Glock pistol as their military sidearm. Can you imagine how many law enforcement agencies worldwide have placed their trust in this brand?

Getting these many countries to give a firearm this much credit surely isn't just about a few stand-out features. This handgun even boasts the best in concealed carry, like the Glock 19 Gen 4 and Glock 43.

It takes unparalleled reliability and greatly satisfied consumers for a product to establish this kind of reputation. Now let's take a look at the reasons why the Glock is such a popular pistol.

1. Simplicity

The Glock had a completely different design when it came out. Nonetheless, it still inspired the design of some handguns on the market today.

Simplicity | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

It's really easy to draw and holster compared to other handguns, which is a big plus in sidearms.

2. Polymer Frame

Before it became so popular, there were all kinds of rumors about the Glock's durability. A lot of gun enthusiasts had unsupported speculations about the polymer material.

Polymer Frame | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

Polymer Frame Photo by

The rumors were shot down after law enforcement agencies bought the Glock and performed different tests on it.

3. Endurance Tests

The Glock went through a series of endurance tests to assess its reliability, given that it is a handgun that the police and military use.

Endurance Tests | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

Endurance Tests Photo by

It passed the test and no malfunctions took place when it was tested for about a hundred thousand rounds.

The only problem encountered was with the magazine as it wouldn't hold the slide back after the last round but was still fed through the gun.

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4. Magazine Capacity

Another major factor that makes the Glock insanely popular is the magazine capacity. The Glock can hold up to 17 rounds, while the typical pistol can only hold 14 to 15 rounds at a time.

Magazine Capacity | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

The magazines also run at about $25 compared to other premium brands, which can be very expensive and difficult to locate.

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5. 33-Round Magazine

Although specifically made for the Glock's Model 18 fully automatic, this is a really cool option.

33-Round Magazine | Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

Imagine yourself having that much ammunition in a magazine. Wouldn't it be an insane advantage during a gunfight?

6. Magazine Compatibility with Rifles

There are a number of rifles and carbines made to use Glock magazines. They already have the 33-rounders for this purpose and the ability to use the same type of magazines in a pistol caliber carbine.

7. Reasonable Price

The price of these handguns is very reasonable. The Glock 17 Gen 4 ranges from $450 to $525 depending on where you purchase it and how much it is going for in the market.

With all these features and the quality of the firearm you're getting, it's not hard to imagine why the Glock brand has reached this level of popularity.

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Watch this video by American specialty Ammo and see what a full auto 33-round Glock shooting looks like:

With the rise of technology, competitions have risen over the years, giving birth to hundreds of quality handguns in the market.

Yet, every person who knows about guns can argue how the Glock set the standard for modern pistols and continues to compete in the world market. Whether it's for law enforcement, concealed carry, or home defense, the Glock pistol surely has something to say.

What can you say about the Glock pistol's popularity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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