5 Glock Upgrades To Avoid & 4 Glock Improvements To Try Right Now!

Pistol with laser sight and flashlight | 5 Glock Upgrades You Should Avoid (& 5 You Should Try Right Now)! | Featured Glock 42

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Are you looking to upgrade your Glock for the first time? Find out the 5 Glock upgrades to avoid and another 4 to try out right now.

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5 Glock Upgrades To Avoid & 4 Glock Improvements To Try Right Now!

semi-automatic handgun with light and sight on a table | Avoid These 5 Glock Upgrades (and 5 To Try Instead!) | Glock upgrades

1. Avoid: Swapping Upper Gun Parts (Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring, etc.)

Many replace a Glock's upper parts to improve its trigger pull. Avoid replacing the firing pin, the plunger, and the extractor. Like most aftermarket parts, Glock's rock-solid reliability is not guaranteed.

The firing pin and firing pin spring are very finicky. It's one of the clear cases of “you get what you pay for” in Glock upgrades. Even the more expensive upperparts aren't assured either.

2. Try: Installing an Optic

A good optic enables you to focus on your target well and increases your accuracy on the range and field. You can look at the target through the red dot and get accurate shots.

3. Avoid: Using Aftermarket Barrels

Aftermarket barrels look slick and can make your Glock stand out in a competition. But changing your barrel means changing your gun's specs. These barrels can affect the gun's accuracy making it less reliable. In the long run, that Glock upgrade is a downgrade.

Only consider installing an aftermarket barrel if you plan on using a suppressor. And need to replace the stock barrel with a threaded one. Otherwise, stock barrels prove to withstand the test of time and use.

If you want to switch barrels, check the coating first, as the more friction on the barrel, the less reliable the gun.

4. Try: Adding Extra Grip Texture

Adding extra grip on your gun is one of the simplest Glock upgrades you can do. And most affordable whether you buy a premade stippling kit or do it yourself.

They feel nice and add more security to your grip, which is always good.

5. Avoid: Changing the Recoil Spring

Recoil springs come in different forms and materials and can be fun in the right gun. But we don't recommend changing the recoil spring to something as solid as a Glock. It requires a lot of tweaking and fiddling around. But if you use it in competitions, swapping springs to match the gun traits you need is fine – if you know what you're doing.

6. Try: Adding Steel Sights

Steel sights give you a wider field of view. This is vital if you intend to use your Glock in the area.

It's great for hunting as it lets you see many targets at once and allows you to choose the best target to focus on.

They also last for a long time, so expect rock-solid durability if you get a good quality set. The right set will be one of your Glock's best upgrades to invest in.

7. Avoid: Swapping Aftermarket Slides

Changing your Glock's slides changes your gun's cycle time. Also, it requires you to change things like the recoil spring.

Many people expect reduced recoil from switching the slide. But that isn't exactly true (and, in fact, can increase the recoil).

Swapping the slide can make it more brittle and prone to breaking – especially the lighter slides. Many slides also have exposed areas where dirt and debris can get into.

8. Try: Installing a Tactical Light

tactical light on 9mm | 5 Glock Upgrades You Should Avoid & 4 You Should Try

A good quality tactical light illuminates your line of sight. It allows you to find your target easier in low light, making it one of the best upgrades for your Glock.

It serves two vital functions: to expose your target in dark areas and disarm them using a bright light.

You don't need any fancy features in a tactical light – the basics will serve you well for this simple Glock mod.

9. Avoid: Aftermarket Magazines and Base Plates

When it comes to Glock upgrades, one thing not to touch is its magazine and base plates. Glock's mags and plates work great out of the box and are some of the most reliable parts we've ever seen.

Glock's factory magazines and base plates are one of the clear cases of “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” If you must replace them, get the quality stuff, and don't skimp on them.

A nice coat of Cerakote can make your Glock stand out from the rest. Will and Ben show you how it's done in this video:

These are some of the Glock upgrades to avoid and some to try out. Glock's ubiquity gives you a wide range of Glock improvements. It's up to you to decide which ones work the best for you and your situation.

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