Gun Buy Back: Boston Mayer Offers $200 Per Gun

Gun Buy Back

If you have a license or permit to carry common sense, the latest gun buyback currently taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, should have your pants in a twist.

And, when you think about how they're handling it, could this be a sign of what the gun grabbers are trying to do across the entire country as a whole?

Gun Buy Back: Boston Mayer Offers $200 Per Gun

But before we get to the specifics of the gun buyback, here is a statement straight from the website:

The Firearms Record Bureau (FRB) maintains a database of licenses issued and records of firearms sales by gun dealers, as well as private transfers of weapons. The FRB is a valuable resource for the public and law enforcement agencies to answer questions regarding the Commonwealth's gun laws.

In other words, they have a list of registered gun owners in that state. And guess what they just did? They just sent a letter out to Boston's 8,000 registered gun owners, asking them to buy back their firearms for $200 per gun. Granted, the letter said other stuff, too. But that's not really the point.

And, as usual, this is all being done in the name of reducing crime. You know, because the people with registered firearms are going to be the ones committing the crimes. Sadly for Boston's mayor, only one firearm has been collected year to date, which is down significantly over last year when over 400 firearms were collected.

Hmm. Something sounds fishy here. The mayor attributed this failure to a lack of marketing. However, I disagree.

I think it has failed miserably because of a lack of stupidity among the general public. Or, people are just waking up from their Kool-Aid-induced comas to the fresh smell of common-sense coffee.

I mean, take a look around at all the crazies out there. People aren't stupid, and they recognize that if Mr. Criminal has a gun, they need one too. Because, let's face it, it's not a good idea to take fists to a gunfight.

Anyway, I digress, and it's finally time to get back to my original point before I give myself an anger-induced seizure. If you remember, back up at the top of this finely crafted piece of prose, I mentioned that MA has “registered” their firearms owners. Heck, they even have a Firearms Records Bureau to help keep track of every firearm.

It seems like Boston, and her mayor, just entered puberty with enough balls to send a letter out to 8,000 registered gun owners. My concern is what happens when they reach adulthood. Will their balls be brazen at this point? Are they willing to go door to door demanding guns?

Is that the future in all areas of America?

I sure hope not, but you can bet your booty that if they do, it will all be done in the name of peace; after all, the name of this particular buyback program is “your piece for peace.”

I mean, the state will be much safer when people who don't break the law give up their guns, right?

The source for the letter can be found here, and the original press release talks about this whole gun buyback joke. It has been proven time and again that these things don't work. While doing my research, I read a brilliant comment that said, “If gun buybacks work, why don't you see drug buybacks?” Well, said sir. Well said.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 17, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

15 Responses to :
Gun Buy Back: Boston Mayer Offers $200 Per Gun

  1. Guy says:

    I live in NH and work in MA. It is virtually impossible for me to legally bring my handgun into MA…the place I need it most by the way. You can’t blame Walsh though, he is the product of the phuktarded liberals in MA.

  2. Tome says:

    These idiots actually believe taking the guns from the legal gun owners are going to stop the problem! Can’t the Idiots look at the Gun Free Cities and see that is where the problems are! Where no guns Crime! Where guns almost no crime! Besides selling your guns for $200? Any gun today are well worth more than than that! Look at the gun free cities! They tell the story! Oregon is Libretard State! I keep waiting for the stupid bastards to pull this shit here! OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

  3. Nunyadambizness says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. There’s a reason I won’t live in CA, IL, NY or MA (along with a list of other communist countries)–anyone who doesn’t respect my right to self defense and my civil rights of firearm ownership doesn’t get my respect and doesn’t deserve my tax money.

    1. NotSoPerfect says:

      Unfortunately, unless we can right this sinking ship, the entire country may be as you said, Nunya….

  4. Joey Johnson says:

    $200.00 per gun is not enough. I want at least $500.00 per gun………so I can go out and buy a new gun…….Show me the money.

  5. NotSoPerfect says:

    I’ll up the ante. Anyone wanting to sell their guns, I’ll buy them for $250 each! As long as they’re in good working order and don’t have the serial numbers shaved off! Beat that, mayor, you commie b@st@rd!!

    1. Jack Scholbe says:

      $251.00 here. lol

      1. NotSoPerfect says:


  6. Timothy Grasmick says:

    So how dose this work? I take my AR15 Bushmaster which I paid over a thousand dollars for and this idiot is going to give me two hundred dollars for it? Dose he want my 30 round mags. as well? Ok so with my 7 firearms at 200 a piece I will walk out with 1400.00 for a mugger to take because he knows I just sold out my right to bear arms, and I am now an easy target. No wonder only one gun has been collected, It was probably broke any way. Makes me glad to be in Nebraska were we love guns. I heard Kansas my be better with their constitutional carry.

  7. Lobo says:

    Laws,are made for lawful people,NOT for criminals they care less about right from wrong.The LAW convicts more LAWFUL people than the criminal!! Prosecutors (not all) just want a closed case.

  8. Andi says:

    This is all very logical. If you thought your NEIGHBOR had too many kids, that should make YOU want to be castrated, right? Please pass the Kool-Aid.
    My friend did this in L.A. in the 90’s. He put together several piles of gun parts out of the junk drawer from the gun shop he worked in and turned in three “guns” to the buyback program. These are FOOLS begging to be taken advantage of.

  9. oaking says:

    Find cheap guns, buy them, the sell them to the Mayor for a profit.

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