Gun Carrier's Response To The UCLA Shooting And California Gun Control

As originally reported by our friends over at Absolute Rights, an active shooter scenario took place at 10 am, local time at UCLA. Two people were killed and the campus was placed on lock-down. As can be imagined, the students were scared and confused, without even the slightest idea of what was going down and without the ability of self-defense.
Sadly, this is all too often the case these days. Making the news on a semi-regular basis, are school and work shootings, along with the occasional answer as to “why” the shooting occurred. Sometimes it is dubbed as “work violence.” Other times, these shootings are based solely on ideological differences. However, one thing that never seems to make the news, is that the shootings almost always seem to take place in areas where law-abiding citizens cannot take a firearm with them.

These places, like the entire state of California and in our broken school system, are completely vulnerable to attack by anyone with a gun, knife, bat, spoon, bottle, leaf blower, rake, guitar, can, paper, or anything else that can be used as a deadly weapon.
Friends, believe it when we say that anything can be used as a weapon—not just guns. Anything you can imagine, down to the most inert object like a newspaper or magazine can be rolled up into a club. A pen, pencil, fork, or spoon can be used to gouge. A bottle can be broken exposing sharp glass. A mouse or computer cord can be used to strangle. An iPhone or Android device can be thrown. Lamps can be used as a club. Cat litter can be used to choke people or cause temporary blindness…
Anything can be used as a weapon, if they have imagination enough to work it out. In the Marines, that's how we're taught. These things are called “weapons of opportunity.” Meaning, whatever you've got is better than nothing—so use it and use it well.

At some point, people will have to wake up to smell the coffee, roses, dog crap, or whatever else they may enjoy smelling…
…and realize that gun-free zones do nothing but put people in jeopardy.
Because anything can be used as a weapon, states like California need to legalize all firearms, so that good people can defend themselves against criminal activity and the people who don't care if there are magazine restriction laws on the books.
In all honesty, the only ones who follow those laws are the ones who need a gun for self-defense to begin with. In other words, the law-abiding citizens. The criminals never follow those laws. If nothing else, San Bernardino taught us that much. Those terrorists were there, with their “high capacity and high powered rifles” because they had no regard for the law.

They didn't care that they weren't allowed to have them, because they were criminals. Criminals do bad things to good people. Period. In order to equalize that disparity, the good people need the proper tools to defend themselves.
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7 Responses to :
Gun Carrier's Response To The UCLA Shooting And California Gun Control

  1. Rick says:

    Agree totally Major USMC (Ret)

    1. Joshua Gillem says:

      Semper Fidelis, Sir!

  2. Robert says:

    Simple. Avoid Californica, New Yalk, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and all the other anti-gun states. Problem solved!

    1. Mary says:

      Not so simple. We need to stand up against this or it will soon be in all states!@

  3. Caelo says:

    This isn’t the America I was born into, that great country was the land of the free…home of the brave. This place is place is the home and land of the weak, the fearful and the foolish. If we allow them to take the 2nd Amendment, then We the People have no manifest destiny.

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