9 Best Gun Cleaning Mats For Every Budget

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Owning a quality gun cleaning mat is every enthusiast's best shot at keeping the mess of gun cleaning to a minimum. Lucky for you, there are gun cleaning mats for every budget.

Check out this round-up of the most common brands on Amazon.

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9 Affordable and Functional Gun Cleaning Mats on Amazon

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1. TekMat Ultra Gun Cleaning Mat

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You will love the TekMat Ultra Gun Cleaning Mat if you are looking for a gun designed to protect your gun from scratches and prevent dirt and harmful chemicals from sipping onto your working surface.

What's more, the oversized design of this gun cleaning mat gives you more than enough room to disassemble your rifle and give it a thorough cleaning with moving gun parts all over. Besides being scratch and waterproof, the mat is also fade-proof since its graphics are heat transferred onto the mat's fibers.

Stitched edges coupled with the graphics add to the aesthetics of the mat. This prevents the mat from fraying or rolling, especially when working on it, but it easily rolls up for storage. It is ideal for newbies as it is loaded with useful and easy-to-follow tips on cleaning an AR-15 rifle.

Price: $17.40

2. Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad

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This Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad features a patented material that absorbs liquids by leaking away moisture. Besides, the mat has a slip-resistant backing that guarantees you a safe gun cleaning zone by keeping everything in place.

Though the Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad contains all the messes of gun cleaning, it is easy to hand wash with soap or machine-wash, hence assuring you durability.

Note: You can cut the cleaning mat to shorten it if you find it too long. It will not fray.

Price: $14.99

3. Ultimate Rifle Build Distressed Flag Cleaning Mat

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The size of this Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat by Ultimate Rifle Build offers a large and protective surface for cleaning your guns but can also double as a mouse when you are not cleaning your guns.

Besides sleek stitched borders, this gun cleaning pad is also waterproof and features natural rubber anti-slip backing to help keep your gun and other accessories in place during cleaning. Moreover, the medium-sized cleaning mat has the 2nd Amendment's wording imprinted on it.

Unlike other gun cleaning pads, this one comes with a lifetime warranty and a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

Price: $14.99

4. Tourbon Gun Rifle Roll-up Cleaning Mat

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Unlike most gun cleaning mats, the Tourbon Gun Rifle Roll-up Cleaning pad has a premium touch to it with a fleece-lined cleaning surface that protects your gun from scratches. Additionally, the fleece surface features four studded pockets for holding cleaning accessories like jags, brushes, mops, patches, and many more.

It also features one large pocket where you can keep your cleaning rods after a wash-day. Don't worry about storage, as this cleaning mat easily rolls up and fits in its storage bag. This also comes in handy during traveling as it makes the mat easier to handle.

Price: $29.99

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5. TigerBoss Gun Cleaning Mat

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Like most gun cleaning pads, TigerBoss mats are designed with a Polyester top to protect your gun and accessories from scratches during cleaning while protecting your work surface from harmful chemicals and cleaners.

Moreover, the Neoprene rubber back is non-slip hence keeping everything in place. The mat also contains diagrams of various rifle parts to help you while cleaning. What's more, the parts are well labeled for easy identification where need be.

Price: $16.99

6. American Whitetail Gun Pad

9 Best Gun Cleaning Mats For Every Budget

Of all the gun cleaning mats in this list, the American Whitetail cleaning mat is the largest at 38.5 inches. This makes it ideal for shotguns and rifles.

Additionally, this cleaning mat also features a super soft that protects your gun from marks and a non-slip bottom to prevent falls. All in all, the American Whitetail Gun Cleaning Mat guarantees you quality and, therefore, durability.

Also, what better way to show patriotism than with a gun cleaning pad with an image of the American flag?

Price: $19.23

7. Cerus Gear Glock Gen3 Schematic Promat

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With dimensions of 12″ X17″, this cleaning mat is just the right size for gun enthusiasts, not to mention the textured rubber surface that doubles as a non-slip surface while protecting your work surface from harmful cleaners.

It also has a vulcanized rubber and Polyester surface to protect your firearm from other objects' damage during cleaning. Keep in mind that the Polyester surface is solvent and oil resistant hence easy to clean up after use.

Note: The graphic on the mat will last as long as the mat lasts as they result from dye sublimation printing.

Price: $13.47

8. Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

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You will love the Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat if you are more comfortable with polymer mats. It is designed with recessed sections on the surface to help keep things in place while containing spills.

It is made of soft and quality polymer that is easy to work on and clean since it is oil and solvent-resistant. Being a polymer mat, the last thing you don't need to worry about is sliding and dropping your gun and accessories.

Note: Due to its material, you can utilize this gun cleaning mat for various other uses.

Price: $14.99

9. TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle Gun Mat

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Besides its sleek minimalistic design, the TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle cleaning mat features a thermoplastic fiber surface to prevent any damage to your gun during dissembling. The rubber back serves anti-slip purposes for a smooth cleaning process.

It is also highly absorbent, which prevents solvents, dirt, and oil from reaching your work surface. Like other cleaning mats from the same brand, it has a large working surface for you to clean your guns without moving parts around.

Price: $23.99
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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Firearm | instructographic

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There you have it, fellow gun lovers. Like everything else, your rifle deserves the best care possible. And while a cleaning mat makes the process easier and less messy for you, it also protects your gun from damage. Match functionality with your budget, and you are ready to go.

What tips do you have on cleaning guns? Let us know in the comment section below!

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