Gun Cleaning Tips And Tricks | How To Weatherproof Your Gun

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October 10, 2019 / Comments (3)

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Keep your firearm safe for the long haul with these gun cleaning tips and tricks. These are just three simple tricks you can try to keep your guns in their best shape!

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  1. Gun Cleaning Tips You Need to Know
  2. 3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Gun

Waterproof Your Firearm with These Gun Cleaning Tips

Gun Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Keep your gun clean and safe from harm! Let's look at the best way to prevent water damage by waterproofing your gun!

In truth, it is almost impossible to completely waterproof a gun. If you submerge most firearms in water, you WILL ruin them.

However, there are ways to work around the presence of moisture in the air. Weather will negatively affect your gun.

Even if you live in dry regions, or have an “all-weather’ gun, you still want to avoid rust and corrosion at all costs – don’t you? Here are a few easy tips on how to keep your gun free from water.

Please keep in mind “weatherproof” and “waterproof” are two different things.

This will not allow you to dunk your gun in water, but it will help keep the moisture out if you’re caught in the rain. It will also help keep it in good working condition wherever you are!

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3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Gun

1. Oil Your Gun


Cleaning and maintenance using gun oil help lessen the stress and friction in different parts of the gun when they rub each other. It also helps improve your gun's performance over time since it helps protect your gun as you keep shooting it.

Use basic gun oil or oil wipes and oil the surfaces of the barrel and action. Do not oil the bore.

Gun oil is one of the top gun cleaning essentials, indeed. Oiling your gun helps prevent damage and corrosion, so do this often to keep it in tip-top shape!

2. Tape Your Bore


Cover up your bore with electrical tape. This will keep dirt, snow, water, and debris out, and it won’t affect the accuracy of your shot at all.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video from The Best of the West:

3. Rub Lip Balm Over Your Scope Mount Screws


After you mount your scope, rub some lip balm over it. Really. This helps keep moisture out even more effectively than oil, and it cleans easily.

This video presented by Larry Potterfield from MidwayUSA will show you how to use wax to protect your firearms:

Weapons cleaning and maintenance sessions are important routines a responsible gun carrier should see through on a regular basis. Not only does it protect your firearm, you eventually protect yourself too, and the people around you.

Cleaning your gun keeps it in tip-top shape, thus preventing accidents which occur in an ill-maintained firearm. These gun cleaning tips are just the basics and are easy to execute and follow through.

What do you do to keep your gun safe from the elements? Share your own gun cleaning tips with us in the comments section below!

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Gun Cleaning Tips And Tricks | How To Weatherproof Your Gun |

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Gun Cleaning Tips And Tricks | How To Weatherproof Your Gun

  1. Martin Yunker Jr says:

    For dusty conditions or extreme cold, run you gun dry or use a dry lubricant. Oil can cause you gun to malfunction or worse. Leave your gun outside in outdoor environment, and secured. Gun must be at the ambient temperature to be functional. Over oiling is worse than no oil is some situations. Also consider the manufacture of the components of your rifle. Wood vs synthetic etc.

  2. George says:

    thanks on tips on waterproofing my gun

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