Dems to Push For Gun Control Bills Vote In 2 Weeks

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Reportedly, the Biden administration wants to schedule a controversial vote on gun control bills within the next few weeks. The moves come after President Joe Biden called on Congress to crack down on Second Amendment rights.

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Reviving Gun Control Bills 

A Punchbowl News report said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats, after passing the American Rescue Plan, will now turn their attention to other items on their agenda. In particular, This includes drafting laws to tighten gun control. Additionally, Democrats will “push through as much legislation as they can” within the next two weeks.

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Some of the reported legislation includes reviving HR 8 of 2019, or the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. Specifically, HR 8 aims to use the current US background checks process to prevent individuals prohibited from gun possession from obtaining firearms. Another bill proposes to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole,” which allows gun purchases to continue within three days even with an incomplete background check. In fact, both bills passed the House during the previous Congress. However, the Republican-majority Senate managed to block the bills from passing.

NRA Tweets Warning

The National Rifle Association tweeted a warning on March 2. The group warned gun advocates of Biden’s “extreme gun control” agenda. Additionally, they said that moves to push it will surface in Congress within the next few weeks. “Sources in DC report that Congress will be voting on Biden’s extreme gun control legislation as early as next week. Possible that they will bypass the committee process. Stay tuned, NRA members,” the NRA tweeted.

Previously, Biden wrote Congress urging to pass more gun control bills. “I am calling on Congress to enact common-sense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets,” he wrote.

Drastic Measures

The Daily Wire reported that some of Biden’s proposals remain unclear. The call to ban assault weapons likely referred to semiautomatic weapons. However, semi-automatics remain legal for civilian use. The proposal isn't clear if current semiautomatic weapon owners can keep their guns. If not, this law would turn into a gun confiscation program.

In addition, Biden called on Congress to hold gun manufacturers liable. He said manufacturers who ‘knowingly put weapons of war on our streets’ are liable. The term “weapons of war” is unclear. In fact, civilian firearms do not have access to weapons that the military uses. US gun manufacturers can only sell semi-automatic firearms to civilians. Also, the proposal looks to bankrupt manufacturers. Actually, the proliferation of guns in the streets is likely a matter of criminal activity.

No Limit on Limiting The Second Amendment

“There is seemingly little limit to what Biden wants to target when it comes to the Second Amendment, ranging from taxing gun owners, banning magazines ‘that can hold multiple bullets in them,’ offering ‘no compromise‘ on the issue and making other incoherent remarks like claiming that a ‘rational policy‘ on guns is making sure you cannot have 20, 30, 40, 50 clips in a weapon,'” The Daily Wire reported. “While on the campaign trail, Biden said that far-left gun control activist Beto O’Rourke was going to be the one who leads this effort’ for the Biden administration. O’Rourke has called for confiscating firearms from Americans,” it added.

Meanwhile, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden is open to use other methods. The administration looks to bypass Congress and instead issue executive orders.

Four Prong Attack Against Firearms Ownership

Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said in a recent interview that Biden launched a “four-prong attack against firearms ownership” that targets the entire country. This attack does not include the executive orders Biden reportedly considers to issue. 

“One is universal background check is really a universal registration system. Second is banning assault weapons and then defining assault weapons as almost any semi-automatic firearm. The third is banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, you know, again, hurts people twice for self-defense in our country, and then attacking the firearms industry so that any criminal that goes out and misuses a gun, the gun manufacturer can be sued for it, it’s going to put the industry out of business and nobody can buy a gun,” Gottlieb says.

Watch the Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine episode entitled: Biden's Gun Grab:

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Do you agree with the moves made by the Biden administration to exert more control over firearms? Also, what do you think about the Democrats’ moves to change second amendment rights? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

58 Responses to :
Dems to Push For Gun Control Bills Vote In 2 Weeks

  1. Michael BonAnno says:

    Biden and his administration are all a bunch of idiots

  2. Nancy Jones says:

    Guns will never go away completely…. and the last thing we need is for criminals to be the only ones who are able to have guns.
    Mass and school shootings? Horrific for sure!
    Different outcomes if teachers etc able to have guns on school premises?? We absolutely should have the ability to protect ourselves and those we love!

  3. DAVID FLORA says:


  4. JOEL K GOODMAN says:


  5. David says:

    Of course he will push for this, just as Hitler did with the Jews. Ask them how that turned out. For that matter, any population in history that was ruled by a communist dictator!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gun laws only hurt the law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care about the laws. Look at all the laws we have on hand guns, and yet hundreds of people are shot and robbed (by someone with a gun). If i own a gun to defend myself i could still go to jail because of these bs laws.

  7. STEVEN says:

    Oh sure like the restrictive laws in Chicago work really well , look at their stats .

  8. Kevin Aucoin says:

    The second amendment is there to keep tyranny in check. Along with the bill of rights. Stop trying to take our rights.

  9. DeWayne Gamble says:

    Gun Control, the favorite words of those that have their owned armed guards or don’t have enough respect for what the 2d Amendment really does for all Americans. Rich, poor or other! The blood that will flow will be like never seen or heard about before.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Impeach Biden Now!

  11. Bob Barraugh says:

    Biden is nothing more than a Pelosi puppet. Check you history folks. Both Great Britain and Australia went down this path and their crime rate increased significantly because honest gun owners could no longer protect themselves.

  12. Gene Cheaney says:

    The only reason the liberals want stricter gun laws is to eventually take away our guns all together so they can force their will upon everyone else without being able to protect ourselves or put up a resistance. When they come to get mine the only way they will get it is barrel first. It’s like what my tee shirt says, when guns or outlawed I will be an outlaw.

  13. Will Becker says:

    We are in survival mode my friend’s !!

  14. Matthew Lindemuth says:

    Anyone who voted for biden will soon surely see that they are just as stupid as he is. I don’t agree that just anyone should be allowed to carry firearms but I do believe that we should be able to protect our loved ones and that many of us are trustworthy and should be allowed to own and carry a firearm for sure.

  15. Gene Cheaney says:

    Amen on impeaching Biden, when we go after their president lets see how they feel and react,

  16. Royster Skip says:

    Why is it that the cities and states that have the STRICTEST Gun Laws see to have a higher rate of crimes and homicides than those who don’t??? When will these idiots wake up and realize that after they confiscated all the guns, I assure you that only BAD people will ALWAYS have gun, what the hell you gonna do. On top of that these idiots want to Defund Law Enforcement. DUH !!??

  17. billdeserthills says:

    The fact is out of the almost 3 million people who die every year, guns are responsible for killing less than 1% of those. Isn’t it just like progressives to go after the smallest number of deaths, instead of helping the 99% who die by other means?

  18. Lynda Emmel says:

    Gun control will hurt the law abiding citizen, the criminal will still have guns and break the law using them. Don’t take my right away.

  19. larry the shadow says:

    Sorry folks, but the assault weapons have to Go. Plenty of legal semi auto guns. As a war veteran, I hate Biden, but, NRA lowlifes have been spending your money living high on the Hog for a Long Time, I left them along time ago when they built there tall building on your Dime, if you don’t have a problem with that , then your Brain Dead.
    You better read the 2nd amendment again, only private army’s were allowed to carry guns, in case the government went off the wall. I am so tired of saying this, when this law was made there were only black power guns, one shot and 20 seconds to reload. Kind of hard to shoot up the the whole school with one shot, and when you try to reload, someone will take you out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Guns laws will only hurt people who already follow the laws. Anyone else who wants a gun will find one for the crimes they want to committ, Guns are a second amendment right and cannot be taken away.

  21. Gary says:

    To start with : Judge Jeanie needs to run for president and wn. * years of her as president would be fantastic. Secondly DUMB DUMB biden and his rock hounds need to be thrown in the worst prison in America. He is actually being controlled be people like pelosi, boxer fienstein and the others just like them This country is gonna crash and burn for a while in civil war or dumb dumb gotta go far far far away

  22. Linda Payton says:

    Criminals will always have guns but honest people will be hurt.

    The whole administration including Biden should be impeached.

  23. Anonymous says:

    For your information our government went off the rails , thank you for your service that our government had no business in other countries affairs.

  24. Gene Cheaney says:

    Indiana just past a new law in the senate, that no one will need a permit to carry a gun, unless they are a felon or mentally unstable. I think every state should follow suite.

  25. Mike says:

    If the Democrats had a half of a brain the existing gun laws would be left alone.

    Crminal possesion of a gun would go sky high in time to be served.

    Then we would only see legal guns.
    But really, they want to take our power away and the Constitution Writers knew this.

  26. Edgar Figueroa says:

    As a retired Cook County government X sheriff and tax Band Democrats you’re all idiots the bad guys are not going to give up their guns they’re not going to register it and they don’t give a damn about you or you know what I don’t give a damn about you and the bad guys ain’t going to come around my house and I’m not giving up my guns either Schumer and Schaefer come over to my house I’ll keep both of your f****** asses Nash for the president for he’s a Porsche I’ll take you out in the backyard yeah he’s a wuss my babydoll could beat them the good people will not give up their guns bottom line

  27. Benjamin Horne says:

    We cannot lose our 2nd amendment rights.

  28. Matt says:

    Larry you better read the second amendment ! It was never for army’s it was ALWAYS FOR THE CITIZENS ……A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed… Which in all acutallity means if the military has it then the citizens also have the right to have it…i should be able to park a tank on my lawn if I want. You can’t overthrow a TYRANICAL government by taking a knife to a gunfight… Stop trying to spread misinformation…

  29. Esther says:

    I’m sure that everything these people have said is the truth. First we need to impeach Biden and Harris and through Polise under the bus like she tried to do with Trump. They are all to DUMD to realize that when they outlaw guns only OUTLAWS will have guns. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS THE BEST PRESIDENT FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE HAD IN ALONG TIME. We need to take care of the PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND DON’T WANT HER TORN APART. We love this country and it really hurts to see people trying to tare her apart. If they really love this country as much as I do they will work to keep her as GREAT AS SHE WAS BECOMING UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  30. Patriot says:

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms CAN NOT BE INFRINGED!

  31. michael cordeiro says:

    once the government takes away the second amendment, okay folks what other amendment will be next??? When I grew up we still had criminals with guns, and I could go hunting and target shooting and go to the store and buy ammo!!! politicians want control, bottom line !!! They made sure we got taxed to death, now they want to restrict gun ownership, once they achieve that, again folks!!! what do they want next??? I’m sure we will find out once we can’t fight back !!!! Glad I grew up with the Rifleman, Bonanza, Howdy Dowdy !!!!! Oh by the way, have you tried to buy ammo lately ????? Thanks for reading !!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    before You take our guns lets have a one day open season on politicians , ha,ha,ha,

  33. Artie says:

    The Democrats have weakened our nation. They proved that they can do whatever they want. Even to go as far as getting rid of Trump. Our guns are next. They already took away free speech. We cannot let communism take over. We cant let the criminals be the ones with guns. We need to defend ourselves against criminals and the commies. P.S. Where have all the good assasins gone? WE need them back.

  34. Ernie Gallo says:

    WRONG AGAIN Larry the Shadow. You should stay in the shadows. The so called army you talk about was every able bodied male 45 years of age and younger. As far as black powder rifles, there was a 16 round repeating rifle available made by a man named Bolton who contracted to the government. Obviously you slept through history class. Or maybe you were just in the shadows.

  35. Tim Smith says:

    There is NO definition of “assault rifle” anywhere. The public believes what they’re told, no matter how wrong it is. AR does not mean assault rifle, it’s Armalite rifle, the company that developed the gun. Furthermore. it’s a platform that is 75 years old. The 2nd Amen. isn’t about ownership, it’s about having the ABILITY TO FIGHT BACK.

  36. Tim Smith says:

    And Larry, so killing your mother, breaking into HER SECURED weapons is not an issue? Open both eyes, not just one. Don’t forget the LEO that was PAID to protect those kids running from HIS duty.

  37. Randy Miller says:

    No you can not infringe on the 2nd amendment. It is our right. Push the issue and we will see what real Civil War looks like. That fence in Washington won’t do anything. Sorry I don’t want to see this happen to our Great Country. It won’t be pretty.

  38. Russ says:

    No why should the Biden administration be able to change the second amendment in the first place .is it so they can cheat and steal more from the true American people.They stole the Election , now they want more ,what’s next ?Oh maybe it will be how children you can have or how much more taxes they can grab from us working Americans to support other idiotic agendas

  39. Larry Smith jr says:

    Biden and his clowns are delusional and america knows this and no way in hell does he get anywhere with this unless he finds a way to fradulently do it like he did the election and don’t think he can pull it off twice and if he does he will struggle to take guns from alot of us and we Won’t let it happen he is a waste of human skin…. enough said….👍👍

  40. Ron S says:

    I am a felon, no gun was used in the commission of my crime, it is just a other way to take my guns. It is a sad state of affairs this misuse of the judicial system. I do not or will not ever support gun control.

  41. Old Guy in Iowa says:

    I agree with many of the comments coming in. We have the RIGHT to bear arms as US citizens. It is in the constitution which the liberals are trying to destroy. Has anyone noticed that Obama lives a few blocks from the white house? Harris could not get enough support from her own party for the nomination? Biden is obviously mentally impaired and being used as a puppet. Let’s see how more involved Obama becomes over time. The fake news won’t cover it of course. I’m not the brightest light bulb in the pack but I’ve just got this gut feeling that Obama is still in charge. Hmmm. I’m 74 , a vet, and have my BOB stocked ready to head to TX.

  42. Anonymous says:

    No matter what the thefts,rapists,nd murderers are always gonna get guns nd for the rest of us we need to keep ours to protect our family’s that we have every right to

  43. RB. Link says:

    The only thing needed is to check the sales closer. So some nut job or ganster type dont buy guns im not given mine up. But one thing for sure the next ones in my family would suffer if that pass any of the shit thats proposed. I donthave that much time due to health to worry about it. But ill go down fighten for rights we have now

  44. Beth White says:

    As someone said above, when they outlaw guns, I’ll be an outlaw. They will not come take my guns. I will protect me and mine.

  45. kerry appleton says:

    larry ,larry ,larry,,,wow dude calm down,chill out man your gonna stroke out,, just sit down relax and pour yourself a nice warm cup of shut the hell up.

  46. Michael D Perdue says:

    Leave the country alone let the guns be as they are we have a right to keep and bear arms as long as we meet the criteria let the government keep their damn nose out of it

  47. kerry appleton says:

    first comment is met for larry the shadow

  48. DL says:

    Have you ever heard the saying “be careful what you wish for because it might come true?” If the gun grabbers are successful in their assault on the second amendment and they are able to destroy it, the next rights to disappear will be our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Once the second amendment is gone, all other parts of the constitution are vulnerable. There will be nothing to protect them.

    I would be interested to know how many new gun buyers that bought guns during the pandemic voted for Biden. If they did, then they might as well hand their guns right back in again. If all the new gun buyers voted for Trump, there is no way Biden could have rightfully won the election because there were a lot of new gun buyers during the pandemic.

  49. David a Fennelly says:

    Not adout hunting its about keeping biding and his asshole buddy out of my house. Keep Biden from selling usa over china . he’ s not taking my guns. Yes there is plenty of laws now on guns inforseim Democrats want to control everything we do.

  50. Ronald Bumstead says:

    To Larry the Shadow- I am sorry you learned nothing in the Military, nothing about protecting democracy.. the Founding Fathers of this country just finished throwing the tyrant King George out of the colonies. The reason for the Minuteman (anybody with a gun to fight for freedom) was to prevent tyranny from ever happening again in America. By the way the Minutemen had superior weapons , the British Brown Bess was an inaccurate smooth bore. Many of Patriot weapons were accurate rifles, capable of 250 yard hits. So, if I am going to protect my country from Biden like people, I want the most accurate, up to date weapon my money can buy. Freedom isn’t free. The Tree of Liberty must be nourished from time to time with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants…….

  51. Richard bingaman says:

    fix your f’n site theirs no way to post a reply to other posted simply sits idle.

  52. Adela Evans says:

    They dont need to make stricter laws they just need to enforce the ones they already have in place to violators but they havent been so people that arent abusing any laws are expected to lose their rights also. This govt wouldnt be so hell bent anout this if their security or families didnt have guns to protect them. But i guess these laws they are trying to pass wont ever apply to them.

  53. Linda says:

    biden, oboma, pelosi and their evil anti-American wants to disarm us so they will be able to control us. Without guns all Americans are at a disadvantage. I am a disabled 63 yr old woman and I will never give up my guns. Wished I had more guns to defend my daughter and grandsons. We as Americans can not let them take our guns. . oboma , soro’s russia and china stole this election, and it need to be proven soon before biden destroys American

  54. Bob parzych says:

    Where is Lee Harvey when we need him? I will not be participating in any gun control scheme. All of my guns, mags and ammo were legal when I bought them, I have enough ammo to last me for the rest of my life. I will give one bullet at a time if needed, pointy end forward.

  55. Rufus Bailey says:

    Mr Biden leave my second amendment rights alone!!!!! You have NO right to tell me what type of weapons I can own, keep your nose OUT of my and your socialist Democrats can all jump off a claimed Trump separated the American people….this definitely WILL separate us.

  56. M. Alanna says:

    We the People need to get active by involving each and everyone of us in our own communities of 100. Get together and learn what the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence states. Go to John Birch Society .org to be informed of these things. It will surprise you. I recommend it highly. Contact your local representatives and legislators and keep the pressure on them. They work for us and took an oath over our Constitution and not paying any mind to their vow!!! When God was taken out of our public offices and schools, God left us to our own devices. Tell the leaders to PUT GOD BACK ABOVE ALL. No threats or bad mouthing, just state your views and ideas. I suggest we all prep with essentials too.

  57. Sam says:

    Send your messages to your representative and senator’s office phones and leave your opinions and statements there – this does more good that anything I have tried to make my wishes known. Direct and firm statements get their attention from voters who tell them how the “cow ate the cabbage” and if they want to keep their office at election time, they need to toe the line!

  58. Timothy TAYLOR says:

    gun control is never going to work and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out all you have to do is look it the stats in gun control regions like chicago and washington d.c. the numbers speak for themselves but this is what we get for allowing a bunch of idiot jackasses to run our country while we sit and do nothing about it. it was pretty obvious what happened with this last election. myself ive only confirmed two poeple that voted for biden. wake up we are the people and we need to stop this crap these polititions are public servants not gods and somehow we need to make them realize this. due process is not working not to mention the media and their bullshit lies about trump.we do need to do something drastic to make them realize that we are the people and we need to do it now

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