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February 17, 2021 / Comments (1)

Gun Rights

This podcast tackles the rights of gun owners and gun control. What you need to know as a responsible citizen and a firearm owner.

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Gun Control and the Rights of Gun Owners

What do you do after you buy your firearm, learn, train, share your knowledge and have fun with it?  You have to defend it.  Politically gun control is a staple in America.  And after the past four years, this country is more divided than it was since 1975.

I am asking you to consider being a gun-rights activist.  If you belong to a new gun club or group, I am suggesting that someone is designated at the legislative rep, the one that learns about gun laws, state bills, issues for the rest. One that will make time to go and sit, talk to, represent gun owners of color…

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With the increase of black, brown, and other gun owners from what is called Traditional, there is a need for us to also step up and represent our clubs, associations, and rights.  As America mends, as the Republic repairs itself it is going to be slow.  Our enemies will take this opportunity to hurt the future of ALL gun owners.  This is my appeal.  Uncle Kenn Wants You!  To do more than wear black and parade around.

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