Tell Us What Went Wrong In This Gun Fail Video

We’re all about education over here at Gun Carrier, and one of the ways we like to educate, is by showing you videos of other people. These videos are called “gun fails” and they are great at teaching us what not to do.
There is a lot going on in this next video. However, I want to do things a little different this time. Instead of you reading me blab on into eternity about everything this person did wrong, I want you to tell me in the comments.
So, give it a watch. It isn’t long. In fact, this gun fail video is less than 30 seconds and is a true gem on the internet. Nobody got hurt, and I dare you not to chuckle a little bit. Then when you’re done, tell our audience your version of what went wrong.
Here it is, and make sure you Sound Off at the end to let us know what you thought:

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Tell Us What Went Wrong In This Gun Fail Video

  1. Judge Roy Bean says:

    It is patently obvious that they set-up that woman for a good laugh. They should all have to attend a basic gun safety class, and have that video played in the class.
    The woman was not versed in the basic rules of gun safety, had obviously never fired a shotgun with that kind of recoil, and I ‘ll bet there were a few cervasas served before, during, and after this incident. I have been witness to several other incidents that ended exactly like this one, and it was all I could do to keep from wiggingout on the idiots who think this is funny.
    The only time I enjoyed one of these is when all the players were aware of the risk, and were competent with firearms (and were sober) and it was more of a “my gun kicks harder than yours”. The end result was someone learned to keep their yadic shut.

  2. Cliff A says:

    The first thing that went wrong is that these people were allowed to handle a weapon in the first place. The man that handed the weapon to the woman was not versed in proper gun etiquette or safety. You can tell by the way he handed the weapon to the woman, who obviously never handled a weapon like this in her life. The man had the weapon pointed upwards, towards the sky instead of pointed towards the ground and downrange away from any people.
    As the man handed the weapon to the woman, he failed to give her any safety instructions. He handed her a loaded weapon. (You never hand a loaded weapon to a person that never held that weapon before until they learn something about that weapon, like its safety features, how it fires, where the round goes, how the sights work and the power of the recoil, and so on.) He failed to educate her in the various functions of the weapon. When the woman couldn’t fire the weapon the man stepped in to take the weapon off its safety. Then the man failed to instruct the woman to place the stock of the weapon against her shoulder and to prepare for the recoil. The man then stood off to the side instead of behind the woman in case the recoil was too much for her and to render any assistance should the need arise, (which it did, as when the woman pulled the trigger lost her balance and fell backwards.) As the woman fell backwards she dropped her weapon behind her which could have fired again; thus, injuring the woman or anyone else since there was no one to control its discharge.
    The woman lost her balance and was picked up off the ground by the man, they were both laughing at the situation out of embarrassment; but, more out of ignorance and pure luck that no one else was injured. So as you can see these are people that never should have been handling a weapon under any circumstance until properly trained.
    Believe it or not; this happens more often than I care to mention. All it takes is one careless act on someone’s part and someone can get killed or injured. (“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”) It is for this reason, I advocate that everyone get the proper training at an NRA sponsored gun safety course at lease once a year. If police and military need training once a year to qualify; then anyone handling a weapon should also be required to refreshed in their training to qualify to handle their weapon. Safety First and treat all weapons as if they were loaded. Chances are they are probably are.

  3. left coast chuck says:

    You should see the video where these two mouth breathers light a puppy on fire. It is almost as funny as this video. I sincerely hope this lady sees the light and stops hanging around with these losers. These kinds of s _ _t – for brains give all gun owners a bad name. The shooting sports lose a lot of potential new shooters due to low-I.Q. jerks like this. Does anyone think this woman will pick up a gun again in her life? Why do some guys think it is okay to start their significant female other out on the biggest gun in the gun safe? Do you start out learning to drive in a Ferrari Testarossa? Does the Air Force start their brand new pilots out on the hottest jet in the Air Force? Does the Navy allow a seaman apprentice take the wheel of an Aegis Class destroyer on his first watch? I always start a brand new shooter out with my most accurate single shot .22 rifle. There is plenty of time to move up to a Ruger No. 1 in 45-70 shooting a 450 grain bullet off a bench rest.
    From the video it looked as if this lady might not have been strong enough to cock the hammer on the shotgun. This reminds me of two incidents which resulted in deaths. One, an inexperienced woman was shooting a .44 magnum and the resultant recoil caused her to shoot herself resulting in her death and the other, an “instructor” was assisting a young child, I believe an eight y.o. girl shoot a fully automatic, I believe an Uzi and she managed to shoot him resulting in his death. This whole 20 second episode miraculously had no serious injuries or fatalities, but the potential was there throughout the whole 20 seconds. Nothing funny about this video at all.

  4. Ed Gleason says:

    That was really sad and it makes me mad that that girl could have been really injured

  5. David Blakeman says:

    Beer Belly just wanted to get on the internet and try to win a Darwin Award. If, she had any brains cells that worked she would get as far away from this moron, as fast as she could before he kills her.

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