Gun Giveaways Galore: Where You Can Win Big, Right Now

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Have you ever wanted to win a gun?

I know, I know, stupid question, right? I recently had the opportunity to catch up with the head honcho over at, and am glad to say that, unlike some of the other “gun-giveaways” out there, this one seems legit. Good thing to, because if you head over there right now and enter to win, you could end up with a beautiful Ruger Precision Rifle. Here's how the game works:
All you need to do, is head on over to the website, click on the “giveaways” menu, and register to win (actually, just follow that link, it's easier). Oh, and you also get more entries added on your behalf by completing a few extra tasks. So, for example, if you like it on FB, share a photo about it on your Pinterest, etc., each time you do something like that, you get one extra entry.
I registered a week or two ago because I knew that I was going to be writing up this blog post about the service, and I wanted to make sure that it was legit. I wanted to make sure that, before I put my stamp of approval on it, I knew for a fact that you weren't going to be getting all sorts of junk in your email box.
Now, I can say that you will get some emails. So far, each time I've gotten an email, it was to tell me about some new product, to let me know that my newest entry was successful, or welcoming me to the website. I've opened each one of those emails, and can say that they don't fit my definition of “junk” mail. Then again, your definition may be different than mine is.
Either way, I don't mind dealing with some extra emails in the inbox if it means that I may win a $1,000+ rifle. Check out this awesome video our friends over at NFA Review did:

Speaking of the rifle, I was bummed when I realized that I missed out on the Tavor giveaway that took place not too long ago. Though, I guess a free gun is a free gun. Still, I definitely would have preferred the bullpup. Anyway another nice thing about this giveaway, is that, if I did enter to win the Tavor, there isn't anything prohibiting me from entering and winning the Ruger or any subsequent firearms from there on out.
I got the lo-down on the back-end, as well. I'm not going to share all of it with you, but I did think that you'd like to know that he doesn't choose each winner himself (which stinks because I was thinking about asking him to choose me). Instead, he uses a 3rd party to handle the entire process, to include the choosing of an un-biased winner.
The third party then reaches out to the winner to let him/her know, and then, that lucky duck (the winner) is announced on the website, as well. That way, everyone can see that there was an actual winner, what his/her first name and last initial is, and where they are from.
I'll let you know when I win. It's inevitable at this point. Although, I did just share this with all of you, so I guess my odds of winning just went down a tiny bit. Have you ever won a gun before? I know a lot of gun-shows give them away. So does the NRA and other organizations. Let us know in the comments below what the venue was, and what you won.

While we're on the topic of giveaways, have you seen this little beauty? Our Friends over at Absolute Rights are giving away a few of these ISIS Hunting Kits, and the contents are pretty bad-ass. Check it out.

isis hunting

ISIS Hunting Kit Giveaway from Absolute Rights. MURICA!

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