TLP 395 – Absurdity In Gun Laws: Derek DeBrosse [PODCAST]

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May 24, 2021 / Comments (0)


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Absurdity In Gun Laws: Derek DeBrosse

The court is now in session Lead Heads! We talk about gun laws and proposed gun laws by the Biden Administration in this episode. Joining Lefty is Derek DeBrosse with Munitions Law Group. Derek “The Gun Lawyer” is a combat Veteran turned lawyer and founder of Munitions Law Group. Derek and Lefty review some of the gun laws proposed by the new anti-gun presidential administration, SCOTUS's first 2nd amendment case in over a decade, Gun Trusts, how to interact with the ATF, Red Flag Laws & lots more. Jackwagons get called out, Lead Head Brigade Heroes are honored, “Facts To Fight the Myths” are invoked and Derek gets sworn in, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth for the “New Guy” segment.

Munitions Law Group℠ (“MLG”) is the only full-service law firm in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to serving the complete needs of both public and private business clients in the firearms and shooting sports industry, as well as individual gun owners. The firearms lawyers at MLG are experts in all aspects of gun law, and we represent individuals and businesses – from new closely-held businesses to legacy gun manufacturers – throughout the United States and internationally.

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