Gun Laws, Waivers & Concealed Carry Specifics | Training Course

March 23, 2015 / Comments (2)


Firearms Instructor Certification Training Course | Part 3 Business Secrets

Lesson 3.4 Firearms Instructor Business Secrets Part 4

Gun Laws, Waivers & Concealed Carry Specifics

Let's discuss some legal stuff, including waivers and concealed carry specifics. Hanson also shows you how to get really effective referrals from your students to keep your business growing organically.

Click video below for:

  • Waivers needed
  • How and when to send testimonials request
  • Special report for referrals
  • Checklist for concealed carry course
  • Voucher order form
  • Checklist after class
  • And how to apply these on your own businesses


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