Gun Modifications | AR-15 Dos And Don’ts

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Looking for AR-15 gun modifications? Check out this guide and learn how to properly accessorize your assault rifle.

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Gun Modifications: Things to Know When Adding Accessories to an AR-15 Rifle

AR-15 Rifle Modifications

Gun modifications for AR-15s can't easily be judged by one individual because, in the end, it's up to the gun owner to decide what their modifications are and where they are placed.

Some gun mods happen because the owner doesn't know any better or has never been asked why they do it, while other mods are hyper-specific to body type and dexterity.

Just like most semi-automatic rifles, there will be parts you'll love and components that may need a bit of modification. Every shooter has his own specifications when it comes to his firearms.

We want to improve the parts that can be vital to the performance of the weapon. AR-15 rifle accessories don't have to be flashy, just make sure you use the right gun modifications for your intended purpose.

There are old gun parts that need to be modified to make your weapon better in terms of firepower, accuracy, comfortability, and whatnot. That said, here are some AR-15 accessory dos and don'ts when it comes to mod placement and effectiveness.

1. AR-15 Optics

If you think your stock iron sights are already good enough, wait until you upgrade it. Putting optics in an AR-15 is one of common gun mod a shooter make.

What is an iron sight? A standard metallic sighting device for most firearms (rifles and handguns) used to help in the shooter's aiming and accuracy.

AR-15 in a ground with a rifle scope | Gun Modifications | AR-15 Dos and Don'ts

Optics are arguably an essential component to enhance a shooter's accuracy. Use a red dot for fast and effective target acquisition.

Do place your optics as far forward as possible on your weapon – this way, you see more of your target and less of the housing. It will also allow you to see your red dot easier if you've included red dot optics in your scope choice.

Don't place your optics so far at the back that you can no longer fit on your iron sights.

2. Iron Sights

Iron sights are a reliable option if your optics ever go down. It serves as a great backup because broken optics render the AR-15 useless when it comes to accurate shooting. The iron sight offers unflinching durability.

Do have backup iron sights. Optics are a luxury and can break or run out of power. Always have iron sights as a backup.

Don't place your iron sights forward on your rail. The further apart your sights are the better your sight radius will be.

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3. Vertical Grips

The way a semi-automatic rifle feels in your hands plays an indispensable role in the level of comfort when shooting. If the grip doesn't feel right, you will spend a lot of time adjusting your hands instead of focusing on your target. Using vertical grips can reduce recoil and maintain accuracy.

Do place your vertical grips forward on your AR-15.

Don't place your vertical grips far back. The only purpose for using this gun accessory would be when clearing buildings. You can always place your hand on your magazine well.

4. Flashlight

Mounting a flashlight to your tactical weapon such as an AR-15 is ideal, especially if you'll use it as a home defense weapon. A flashlight enhances accuracy when shooting in the dark.

Know how to position the flashlight on the rifle not only for vision in the dark but for tactical purposes as well.

Do mount your flashlight as far forward as possible. The further up your light is the less of a shadow you will create. The less shadow, the less visible you are when it is on.

Don't mount it far back or take it off. Just because you have a light doesn't mean you need to have it on. Better to have one and be visible than not have one and have no vision or target identification.

Looking for more gun modifications for your AR-15?

AR-15s are one of those semi-automatic rifles that have a sheer number of accessories available and almost every part is replaceable. A few rifle modifications you can turn this weapon into an even more powerful killing machine.

An AR-15 is not only built as an assault rifle but also a vicious self-defense weapon. Don't hesitate to give it more power.

Do you know more about AR-15 gun modifications? Share it with us in the comments section below! 


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Gun Modifications | AR-15 Dos and Don'ts |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Gun Modifications | AR-15 Dos And Don’ts

  1. Freeholder1776 says:

    About the optics, a gunsmith told me that while it’s good to mount your red dot as far forward as you can it’s best to not mount it on the barrel where it’s subject to heat. He said it’s best to mount it as far forward on your receiver as possible. Just sayin…

  2. Ronnie Bailey says:

    You clear rooms when there may be an intruder in your house and the only law enforcement is 15 minutes away at best. You just lost ALL credibility.

  3. George B says:

    Concealed carry: Use a slingshot instead of a .380 and you will get just as much firepower and into less trouble with the law. (The 38 used to be called a widow maker). George

    1. Cozmo1138 says:

      There are still a lot of people pushing up daisies the world over due to rounds like .380 ACP and 7.65mm.

  4. Mike says:

    Hello George, my name is mike. I’d just like to comment on your comment regarding the .380. I’ve done my homework, and a few tests of my own. Like any firearm it’s got a great deal to do with ammo, and shot placement.
    I hunt elk with a Remington 700 chambered in .270.. to many far to small for the job. Yet time and time again it’s done the job.
    I carry .9mm as my ccw. But there is always a .380 near by. A pocket gun. It has plenty to do the job. 🙏🏻Hopefully it will never come to that. But I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the little.380 in a pinch.

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