Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

Feature | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

October 10, 2023 / Comments (3)

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Glocks have become more and more popular as the years go by. They are used all across the world for police, military, and civilian use. Here are some gun mods that you would use in the real world; things that you would use day to day on a gun that you would stake your life with.

As I have said before in other articles, all gun mods are strictly subjective. Do what works for you and what you like, not what others think you should have. Read on to know what gun mods will work for your own Glock!

Gun Mods You Will Want to See in Your Glock!

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1. Sights

The one thing about Glocks is that they come with bad sights. They are essentially a placeholder until you go out and buy good-quality sights for your gun.

Sights | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

For Glocks, there are various different options out there, such as Heinie sights, Novak Sights, AmeriGlo sights, and Warren Tactical sights.
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2. Grip

From a grip standpoint, you can add a textured surface for much better control of the firearm, especially if you are in an adrenaline-filled situation with sweaty hands. Having a textured grip will allow you to hold on to your firearm if it gets wet, muddy, sweaty, or even bloody.

If you are used to 1911-style firearms, the Grip Force Adapter is an awesome way to get a similar grip angle and will stop the slide from cutting into your hand.

Grip | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock
Another awesome grip option (and a laser option, at that) is the crimson trace laser grip. The laser grip is effective for night fighting and target acquisition. It also has beavertail protection to keep your hand from getting hurt, much like the Grip Force Adapter.

One of the biggest complaints that you hear from Glock users is that the finger grooves do not fit their hand. If you have an “average” sized hand then they may work for you, but a lot of people will want to replace the grip.

3. Trigger

For triggers, there are a lot of great options. The Guardian Trigger System is one of these options. It provides a nice bit of a wall before the trigger actually breaks, which allows you some room to get out of the trigger in case you need to.

Trigger | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

Glock does offer different trigger pulls, from a 3.5 lb to a 5.5 lb, to an 8.5 lb trigger pull.
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4. Magazine

A smaller modification, like as a grip plug, comes with a small amount of controversy. Some think that grip plugs are necessary to keep out dirt and debris that will stop your Glock from working optimally.

Magazine | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

Others disagree and believe that that can't happen and that it is just part of the Glock design, thinking if you do put one in it can stop dirt and debris from actually coming out. You decide.

5. Mag Release and Slide Lock

You can get an enlarged mag catch to allow you to easily release your magazines without having to adjust the gun or your hands. This works especially well for those with smaller hands, but it is useful for all hand sizes.

 Mag Release and Slide Lock | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock
If you are used to 1911-style firearms then an aftermarket slide lock would help you attain that comfortable feel. If not and you are used to charging it then keep on doing your thing.

You can also check out this full video on Tac-TV – Glock Modifications:

Firearm modification is a staple among gun carriers and enthusiasts for the thrill of enhancing firearm performance or for its practicality.

We trust these tips and ideas on your Glock modification will provide insights for your own initiative. You have to be informed and conscious, though of gun mod restrictions, and laws and regulations.
Did you enjoy hearing about these Glock modifications? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 15, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.
Placard | Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

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Gun Mods: How To Customize Your Glock

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    Love my Glock 32. Only wish the cartridges were cheaper which would allow more practice/range time. And wish those “guide rod” lasers we’re not 300 dollars, as it is hard to find a holster that I can use with my external laser (green). Keep up the great article! Thanks

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