How COVID-19 Has Increased The Need For Gun Ownership

Feature | How COVID-19 Has Increased the Need for Gun Ownership

There is so much uncertainty around us. The more we aren't sure when this will be over, the more people grow anxious and scared. Gun ownership is one of the best ways to protect yourself, especially when there are desperate individuals who commit crimes to survive this trying time.

How Can Gun Ownership Help You At This Time?

People Grow Restless and Fearful

It has been less than three weeks since COVID-19 effectively shut down a large portion of the U.S. economy. In the name of public safety, governors across the country have issued “safer at home” directives, prohibiting nonessential businesses from opening. This includes the majority of retail outlets, as well as gyms, spas, amusement parks, bars, and more.

Restaurants only offer takeout or delivery service, forcing many to cut staff down to only salaried managers. Airlines, hotels, and tourist attractions are nearly empty.

In just a few short weeks, unemployment is 32%. Between 47-53 million Americans are out of work.

Many of the affected individuals were previously living paycheck to paycheck, staying just afloat on bills. It is overwhelming unemployment sites, with many applicants unable to even complete the process.

Although economic relief has been promised in the form of a $2 trillion stimulus package, there is tremendous public doubt that individuals will feel any relief at all.

With no end in sight to the closings of businesses, unemployment benefits and $1200 stimulus checks may be too little and arrive much too late.

How a Major Recession Affects Your Safety

How a Major Recession Affects your Safety | How COVID-19 Has Increased the Need for Gun Ownership

Is it time to worry about your safety?

History says yes.

Sociologists have said that crime has increased during every recession since the 1950s. Robberies, burglaries, and thefts from vehicles all become more commonplace as those who are struggling to get by.

To make matters worse, police officers around the country are cutting down on responses to 911 calls. In an effort to limit officer exposure to the coronavirus, only “life-threatening” calls are eliciting a response.

This means that burglaries and car thefts remain as phone-in status. If a suspect is no longer present, has no weapon/s, or is not up for apprehension, police in many cities will no longer arrive on the scene.

Americans are now responsible for being their own first responders more than ever in our lifetimes.

Local Governments Have Tried to Limit Public Safety

Before President Trump’s administration finally stepped in, local governments were electing to categorize gun stores as “nonessential” businesses. By doing so, governors and sheriffs were eliminating Americans’ ability to protect themselves.

New Jersey, Maine, Washington State, and LA County were among those who were found to be in violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. Suits were filed against state governments before the Department of Homeland Security issued their memorandum advising that firearms and ammunition dealers are indeed considered essential businesses in a time of crisis.

Now more than ever is the time for the American public to arm themselves. Desperate neighbors, decreased police presence, and limited access to adequate protection are a dangerous combination.

With economic conditions expected to worsen in the coming months and coronavirus cases to rise, conditions will be compounded. Those who have properly prepared could become targets of those who did not.

Be a Responsible Gun Owner Nonetheless

Gun control advocates will argue that guns in the hands of untrained, first-time buyers are a bigger danger than being unarmed. Knowing how to use and store your firearms is an essential element in being a gun owner.

Purchasing a gun for your protection is only one step in being able to properly protect yourself, your family, and your property. Before things get worse, ensure you are well stocked and well trained.

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