Gun Review: Crye Precision Six12 Modular Bullpup AK 47

crye precision six12

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Anyone in law enforcement knows Crye Precision well thanks to the company’s ever-popular tactical line, but given the lines we saw at Shot Show last year when we first covered the Crye booth and their Modular Bullpup AK 47, it’s pretty clear that interest in the US-based company’s new line reaches far into civilian territory.
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And that may be its downfall, really. While the Six12 would make a sweet addition to a cosplay nerd’s costume, we’re all a little skeptical over here at GC in regards to both its utility as well as when we’re ever going to see the damn thing come to market. Reps at Crye said a year for consumer access back at Shot, but word on the street is now suggesting that could be more like 2 years, if ever, and their website still requests you sign up for updates with no specific calendar mention.
A bullpup revolving shotgun, the Six12 has a capacity for six, 12-gauge rounds (hence the name) in a revolving cylinder that is fast and easy to swap out. Originally developed for fast-breaching environments, the Six12 mounts to your AR rail and creates a dual-defense combo some argue has obvious benefit to the home defense market.

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To Assault.

But does it really? If we look at its value as a standalone, I can chamber up my regular old $200 Big 5 POS shotgun faster than this thing, with the added benefit of greater than six-chamber capacity. I suppose if you were a highly inactive shooter, it would offer benefits as a home defense option given the revolver base platform, which obviously can go long stretches with less attention/maintenance. I know, for example, I always try and make sure I cycle my 870 every few months, making simple adjustments to the aftermarket tube spring. But for active shooters this point becomes moot.
Barrel sizes (fully removable) range from 12.5 to 22 inch length with the design, so be sure to have your NFA paperwork handy if you want the shorties.
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Conversion from the AK rail system to standalone will take most people around 5-to-8 minutes.

As stated previously, the intent was originally to create an underbarrel breaching attachment for an assault rifle, but reps said that quickly evolved into modular systems — either as an add-on or stand-alone shotgun.
The plastic six-shot cylinders feature steel inserts for the chambers, making it easy to keep a variety of spares with various loads.  The shotgun’s trigger sits directly in front of the cylinder via a concealed push-link hammer firing unit, while the barrel breach is protected with fully enclosed gas-seal sleeves.
Gun Review- Crye Precision Six12 Modular Bullpup AK 47 Chamber Swap

Swapping out the chamber assembly.

You can utilize either a horizontal foregrip behind a trigger guard when using as an underbarrel config or a pistol grip and shoulder stock when using as a stand alone.
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Pulling from rail mount:

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Gun Review- Crye Precision Six12 Modular Bullpup AK 47 Stand Alone Assembly

I doubt you would be doing this very often.

The latest update on Crye is they are actively seeking evaluation participants. Evaluation units are now in production and they are selecting certain military and law enforcement (UNITS) to participate in the assessment. If you would like to be considered for participation, fill out this form, or send an email with your information and the subject “EVALUATION” to [email protected].

Check out an interview with a Crye rep at Shot Show back in 2014 here:

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