7 Gun Safes & Cabinets That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

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Looking for the best gun safe on Amazon to gift your shooter friends this holiday season? These are durable, sturdy, and most importantly, secure enough to keep weapons away from the wrong hands!

Here are some of the best options you can buy online.

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7 Candidates for the Best Gun Safe on Amazon Shooters Need

1. Hornady Gun and Valuable Lockbox

81bCt2376GL. AC SL1500 Price: $21.00 to $29.00

This compact, portable 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″ gun safe on Amazon by Hornady is one of the best options for concealed carry permit holders who are always on the go. It can carry store most 4-inch revolver and 4-inch barrel pistol variants.

You can attach this to your nightstand, under your office drawer, or even in your car.


It has a heavy-duty 16-gauge steel housing resistant to prying and a 4-foot security cable capable of withstanding up to 680 lbs. or 1,500 kgs. of force. Whether you try to pry or crack the safe, it won't budge.

Also, it's less than 10 inches wide so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

2. VAULTEK Open-Lid Handgun and Pistol Safe

71H3f7wPBuL. AC SL1500 Price: $139.99 to $199.99

This open-lid handgun and pistol safe by VAULTEK comes in three different variants:

Slider Safe SE20: The SE20 is a sleek, lightweight, and compact safe features a quick-access sliding compartment that can carry any handgun less than 9″ long.

Its exterior measures 11.25” x 9” x 2.6” and weighs 3.5 kgs. or 7.5 lbs., so you can carry this compact handgun safe almost wherever you go. You can even bring it with you to the hotel!

Black and Alpine White Sub-Compact Safe VE10: The VE10 is a testament that proves bigger isn't always better. It's a sub-compact handgun and pistol safe that's only 10.55″ x 8.46″ x 2″ and weighs only 2.4 kgs. or 5.3 lbs.! However, the protection it provides is second to none.

Perfect for on-the-go concealed carry permit holders who need quick access to their weapons in case of an emergency.

Compact Safe VE20: Light, portable, and secure, that's what the VE20 is all about. It offers a 16-gauge carbon steel frame, measures 11.5” x 9” x 2.625”, weighs 3.3 kgs. or 7.2 lbs., so you can use it to carry almost any handgun that's less than 11″ long.


All handgun safes by VAULTEK feature interior shielding and hinges integrated with unique anti-pry technology. They also come with both a key and an electric keypad. The keypad can be configured for quick-access usage during emergencies.

3. GunVault Quick-Access Mini Vault

91rZBQ05dNL. AC SL1500 Price: Check Store

Looking for a compact quick-access mini vault concealed carry permit holders can carry around wherever they go? Check out the handgun safe by GunVault. It measures 5.56″ x 8.63″ x 13.25″ and weighs 1 kg. or 2.2 lbs.—as light as a water jug!


What makes this mini vault unique is its superior, groundbreaking auto-sliding drawer. All you need to do to access your weapon is place your hand on the pad and the spring will automatically push out the slide in just a few milliseconds.

Note that only the registered user can unlock the pad. Outsiders will have to go through a secure, heavy-gauge case with tight, secure fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open.

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4. Snapsafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault

71z9yDCt%2BAL. AC SL1500 Price: Check Store

The two-gun keypad vault is ideal for experienced shooters who carry multiple handguns. It's a 16-gauge steel-reinforced vault that measures 15.5″ x 11.25″ x 10.5″. You can position it near your nightstand, in your basement, or home office.

This is a lot more spacious than single-handgun safes, so you can also store some paperwork, jewelry, and other valuables in the safe. You can freely adjust the interior shelf to suit your storage needs.


It comes with a super-secure six-digit keypad that offers users up to 12 million different password combinations. Not even a supercomputer would be able to brute force crack the password so easily.

5. Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Foam

No products found. Price: Check Store

Is your shooter friend an absolute rifle enthusiast? Check out Pelican's 1750 rifle gun safe on Amazon. It's a dust-proof, waterproof, and crush-proof foam-padded security case that measures 50.50 x 13.50 x 5.25.

Not only will this case protect the rifle from sketchy individuals, but the superior padding and encasing will keep it safe from harmful elements as well. As long as the rifle's in the case, it won't get scratched, dented, or wet.


Pelican prides itself on security. In fact, they claim these cases are virtually indestructible! With a durable o-ring seal, heavy-duty double-throw latches, rustproof stainless steel padlock, and whole-case foam padding, their statement is no exaggeration.

6. Stack-On 10-Gun Double-Door Security Cabinet

81HIZ0mVScL. AC SL1500 Price: Check Store

For gun enthusiasts who carry a wide selection of rifles, pistols, and handguns, the Stack-On 10-gun security cabinet would be perfect for them. It's a 54″ security cabinet foam-padded from top to bottom.

The cabinet comes with two encasements so you can separate the weapons from other items you'd like to secure. For example, guns can stay on the left while jewelry and paperwork can stay on the right.


Stack-On's 10-gun security cabinet boasts a unique, state-of-the-art three-point lock system that's impossible to bypass, pry open, or smash. They come with pre-drilled holes so you can easily mount the cabinet to flooring and walls.

7. Stack-On 14-Gun Single Door Security Cabinet

7 Gun Safes & Cabinets That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts Price: Check Store

If you feel the double-door 10-gun cabinet is still too small, check out Stack-On's massive 14-gun cabinet! As the name suggests, it's a security cabinet that measures 17″ x 21.5″ x 58″, weighs 38.56 kgs or 85 lbs., and can carry 14 rifles as tall as 54″.

The top shelf is removable. It can hold smaller important items and valuables but can be removed if the cabinet will be solely used for gun storage.


The 14-gun cabinet comes equipped with Stack-On's unique three-point lock system that can neither be pried into nor smashed open. They come with pre-drilled holes so you can easily mount the cabinet to flooring and walls.

Always check the comments section when shopping for a gun safe on Amazon—or anything online, really. It's best to go for listings with legitimate comments, positive reviews, and good ratings. If possible, look for posts that show exactly what the items look like in real life.

Also, don't forget that the best gift to give is one that matches the recipient's needs. Go with something useful and functional that your fellow shooter would actually benefit from, and not something that just looks cool.

Learn more about proper gun storage here in this video:

Which of these options do you think is the best gun safe on Amazon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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