How To Choose The Best Gun Safes For Your Home

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Look for the best gun safes using these tips and the points you need to consider before picking the right one for your firearms!

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In this article:

  1. Size to Choose
  2. Security/Locking Mechanism
  3. Thickness of Steel
  4. Protection Against Fire
  5. Gun Safes Warranty

Gun Safes: What to Consider Before Buying

Do You Need Gun Safes?

Gun safes are not recommendable for the firearm you use as personal protection. But if you have quite a collection of guns at home, it's best to put them somewhere out of reach other than yourself.

Serious gun owners are very much aware of the dangers of having a gun. One of the very reasons we keep them at home is for protection.

Unauthorized access to your firearms can be catastrophic, thus, it's necessary to have a safe place for storage away from strangers, or even from some of our family members. Now let me help you decide how to pick the best storage for your guns at home.

First, let us ask these questions. With all the gun safes for sale, are they worth spending extra dollars? Or, are used gun safes even worth the savings?

You may determine your choice by getting to what you really need to look for in gun storage units or safes.

1. Size to Choose


If you only have handguns, you don't really need a big safe at home. But if you've been thinking of purchasing a rifle in the future, I suggest you get something big enough to store a few long arms.

Anyway, it's also a good place to store jewelry and other valuables you need to secure.

2. Security/Locking Mechanism


The ideal locking mechanism for your home safe is the spin dial. It's safe, more affordable, and proven to be secure enough for burglars to crack open.

Just make sure to have easy to remember combinations in case of an immediate need for your gun.

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3. Thickness of Steel


There is a reason why safes cost different amounts of money. It's due to the quality the safe is made and the thickness of the steel.

As for gun safes you install for home use, we recommend the 10-gauge steel.

4. Protection Against Fire

It's not like a fire is likely to happen sometime. But since other valuables can be stored inside your storage unit, fire resistance is also a good purchase point. Ask your supplier for a safe with a solid fire rating.

5. Gun Safes Warranty

Expensive gun safes provide much-needed warranty coverage to benefit you in the long run. For example, repairing a broken lock costs a fortune.

If this is covered by the warranty of your gun safe, you'd be able to save more money by purchasing an expensive one.

Watch this video from Pilot Patriot about bedside gun safe:

We all want to save some cash on every purchase we make. In the case of acquiring a gun safe, it's just the same as purchasing a firearm.

You want it to be as reliable as possible and ready for every critical situation. You want your gun safe to give you all the time you need to prepare in case a burglar is trying to work his way into it.

Have you any tips for keeping your firearms in a secure place? Share your smart tips and ideas in the comments section below!

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How To Choose The Best Gun Safes For Your Home

  1. Bob Barth says:

    Problem I am running unto is, all of my rifles have scopes and the save appear to be made for rifles without scopes. Can you lead me to manufactures that all scopes. Have a very nice Fot Knox, but have out grown it.

  2. It never crossed my mind that one should consider a safe that is fire resistant because not only guns could be stored, but also other valuable belongings. My brother just got a hunting rifle, and he wants to get a gun safe. I will advise him about this soi he can get something fire-resistant.

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