Why You Should Take A Gun Safety Course

Why You Should Take a Gun Safety Course

Folks who live around people with guns sometimes think that they don’t need to take a gun safety course before they buy a firearm of their own. Other people naïvely think that using any gun is simple—how hard can it be to use a weapon safely?

Allow us to explain why these ill-considered conclusions should be rejected and why you, and everyone else, should take a gun safety course.

A Gun Safety Course Is Essential for Every Gun Owner

A Gun is an Awesome Responsibility

We mean “awesome” in the literal sense of the word—a gun can inspire a feeling of awe and even worry.

It is a big responsibility. This means everyone ought to take a gun safety course to fully understand the ramifications of carrying a loaded, lethal weapon.

Gun control fanatics often whine about how those with firearms don’t understand the responsibility they take on, particularly when carrying those guns in public.

Not only is it important for our own safety (and the safety of others) to understand the responsibility inherent in firearm ownership, but it’s also important so we can collectively change the discourse about gun control.

A responsible gun owner understands how important gun safety really is.

And if you haven’t had much experience with guns, a gun safety course can show you the ropes and make sure you use your weapon responsibly.

Plus, it quashes the temptation to twirl your gun around and treat it like a toy.

Guns Are Not Easy to Use

Point and shoot, right? Wrong.

The fact is that using a firearm accurately and safely is not easy at all.

In fact, there are many aspects that go into whether or not you'll hit your target with a gun or miss and cause collateral damage.

The position of your hands, your body stance, your breathing, and even how you pull the trigger can all affect whether your shot hits correctly or goes wild.

Guns Are Not Easy to Use | Why You Should Take a Gun Safety Course

In a self-defense or hunting situation, a missed shot can be terrible.

Because guns aren’t easy to use, it only makes sense that everyone should take a gun safety class.

A gun safety class can demonstrate how to use a firearm’s safety, instill the proper habit of always keeping a barrel pointed away from people, and much more.

We expect everyone to take classes to learn how to drive – it only makes sense that guns should be treated the same way.

Gun Classes Help You Control Stress and Expect the “Bang”

Many people who have never fired a gun before experience high amounts of stress when holding one, especially when they hear the deafening “bang” of a shot leaving the barrel.

A gun safety class will have you fire a gun multiple times and will help you get used to the feel and sound of the act.

If you ever expect to use one properly, you can’t fall apart from stress.

A gun safety class will teach you to be less afraid of firearms and see them as what they are: powerful tools but just tools nonetheless.

This is particularly important if you want to carry for self-defense.

If you can expect the “bang”, you’ll be less afraid to pull the trigger and can keep control of yourself if your attacker fires back.

In a life-or-death situation, Habit Trumps Instinct

This relates specifically to self-defense. In any type of life-or-death situation, you can’t rely on your instincts to carry the day.

In a sudden panic, we tend to be too jittery and unfocused to do the right thing every time.

But habits and muscle memory can save your life without you having to think as you panic.

There’s a reason why military personnel and police officers go through tons of training before entering any real-world life or death situations.

It’s because muscle memory and habits can do the required actions to save your life – like drawing and firing your gun, taking cover, or reloading – far better and faster than you can consciously.

All in all, gun safety classes are wise investments for everyone, even those already surrounded by gun culture.

There’s no downside to learning how to better respect and take care of your firearms, so sign up for a class today.

Have you completed a gun safety course before? If you have, please let us know your experience in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 27, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Why You Should Take A Gun Safety Course

  1. Christopher FRIDAY says:

    To whom it may concern I am a Army veteran and I just brought a 9 mm to carry and am licensed in the state of Georgia I haven’t shoot a weapon in 40 years yes I would like to take a gun safety course.

    1. Christopher FRIDAY says:

      To whom it may concern I am a Army veteran and I just brought a 9 mm to carry and am licensed in the state of Georgia I haven’t shoot a weapon in 40 years yes I would like to take a gun safety course.

  2. Elton Berry says:

    I need a concealed gun permit badge or carry permit is that possible.

  3. Larry cockman says:

    I want a course in moore county, n.c.

  4. Richard Stanley Poleet says:

    Name another right you have to pay an education course for and application fee? Education and training is great but cops still have an issue, and they receive training more than most. An excuse when you either have no constitutional reason or are being paid in one-way shape or form through training system. Nor does the training course required actually do that. Just money grab and that course makes no safe. False sense of safety just as bad. So, one other, right? Even when Roe vs Wade was the law of the land you did not need a license to end your own offspring. Right! One other right they make you pay to exercise and reeducate? Right!

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