Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

Gun Safety Tips

February 28, 2020 / Comments (12)

Gun Safety Safety

How well do people know about gun safety? Every gun owner pretty much knows how to handle their firearm in a safe manner, yet the potential for danger cannot be ignored.

Gun Safety Practices To Prevent Gun-Related Accidents

Gun safety among all others has to follow strict rules to ensure no one gets hurt. Even when you’re around people who are knowledgeable and skilled in firearms, these rules are non-negotiable.

Whether you’re hunting with a friend, in the firing range, or any place where a gun is doing work, the appropriate manner to deal with a gun still holds true. A little mistake can be deadly, and as soon as the bullet exits the muzzle, there’s no stopping it. It can mean yours, or someone else’s life if you’re not careful.

1. Always Assume The Gun Is Loaded

Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

Make it a habit to check the chamber especially when you just held a gun. Do this when you take something out from your gun safe, or when another person hands you over his firearm. He might insist the gun is not loaded, but double check anyway just to be certain.

2. Gun Must Always Be Pointed In A Safe Direction

Gun must always be pointed in a safe direction | Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

Image via corneredcat

The muzzle of a gun should be pointed upwards or down at the ground. For whatever reason of accidental firing, nobody gets a direct hit within at least a radius of a mile. Your gun should only be pointed at a target you’re willing to shoot.

3. Finger Off The Trigger

Finger off the trigger | Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

Image via voiceofdetroit

I’m guilty of this mistake many times in the past. My finger was always rested lightly on the trigger every time I’m holding a handgun, which should not be the case unless you’re ready to shoot. Gladly, I quit the habit once and for all.

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4. Don’t Rely Too Much On A Gun’s Safety Mechanism

Setting your gun into safe mode using its safety lever or locking mechanism doesn’t mean you could just point the gun at anyone. Treat it simply as an added safeguard. You’ll never know if this part of your firearm is faulty, so don’t put a hundred percent of your trust in it.

5. Be Familiar With Your Gun’s Mechanical Characteristics

Knowing how your gun works will also help reduce the risk of unwanted accidents. Like for example, you have a semi-automatic handgun and you took the magazine out. You have to know how to double check if there’s one more bullet in the chamber.

6. Make Sure To Use The Right Ammunition For Your Gun

There have been cases where a 9mm ammo is loaded into a .40 caliber magazine. It accepts the wrong ammo and even gets chambered inside the gun ready for firing. This mistake blows out the case which is not good for the gun, and certainly dangerous for the shooter.

7. Clear The Gun Barrel From Obstructions Before Shooting

Clear the gun barrel from obstructions before shooting | Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

Image via pistol-training

Proper firearm maintenance is always necessary. Make it a point to always clear the barrel from any blockage before using your gun. This could cause the barrel to burst due to a spike in pressure.

Watch this short video about gun safety:

Learning how to shoot a gun is a very satisfying skill to learn for first timers. However, being able to pull the trigger and hit the target isn’t all that matters. The shooter must practice discipline to protect himself and others from unwanted circumstances.

As long as you respect these simple rules, you’re ready to own a firearm.

What do you think of these gun safety tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips about guns safety and using it properly. All the defensive tips is natural and I liked the #5 tip. Yes knowing and keeping the straight info about our gun mechanical characteristics is a must thing so thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward for more like this.

    Find more about guns at

    1. John lamb says:

      Great advice. I think that most folks are guilty of the muzzle sweep. They just turn around to talk to someon else and aren’t paying attention. John.

  2. These gun safety tips are very helpful. We must really practice discipline to protect ourselves and others from unwanted circumstances. Thanks for sharing this out!

  3. Jesse Ford says:

    I like how you mentioned that it’s a good habit to always check the chamber of a firearm after just holding it. My brother is thinking of taking a remote firearms training course because he’s considering getting a pistol for home and personal defense when he and his family go out. It seems like a good idea for my brother to think about enrolling in a reputable course so that he can develop and learn good gun safety habits.

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