Gun Sales Are Up Across The Board…Again.

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There were recent concerns, as covered by The Capitalist, that gun sales and stocks were down considerably for some of the major firearms and ammunition makers. This is true, by all accounts, and is usually accredited to the time of year we are in. We are currently as far from the buying season as you can get. Plus, everyone saves money to take their family on vacation.
That's just the way it is, and I'm personally not all that concerned for the health of the firearms industry. In all honesty, this happens across the entire industry, and not just firearms sales. Again, I'm not worried…
At least, not until after the election season is over. Depending upon who the nominated president is, firearms sales and stocks will continue to rise, or begin to fall.

As of right now, people will continue to prepare for whatever they feel the worst case scenario is. If Trump is elected, gun sales will likely drop a bit because the fear won't be there. If Hillary wins the presidency, gun sales will continue on as usual—or be even higher. After all, a lot of people believe she has bigger balls than Obama does when it comes to gun control. People are afraid that she will restrict firearms in some regard.
There is something to be said about “fear buying.” What do I mean? Well, after a “mass shooting” or terror attack (which is my preferred term), gun sales are generally up across the board. There are historically two reasons for this:
  1. People are afraid that the government will try to restrict further gun sales—which, in all honesty—we are currently seeing with the gun-grabbers calling for further restrictions.
  2. People are afraid that they could be subject to a terror attack and want to protect themselves against it.

Any way you look at it, people are afraid of something, which always spurs a firearms buying frenzy. Whenever that happens, stocks almost always coincide with the rising sales, as is what's happening this time around.

Those two reasons for “fear buying” are both valid concerns—however unlikely. First, any government regulation on firearms is going to have a steep uphill battle before it gains any ground. Then again, if Hillary gets her way and the sitting lawmakers agree with her, it won't be good. Second, the chances of you or I being involved in a terror attack is slim. Then again, tell that to the people of Orlando or San Bernardino…
The current landscape of America is different than it was just a few short years ago. After 9/11, we decided as a nation that someone's ass needed to be kicked. Today, the only ass getting kicked is our own. At some point, Americans may begin to take matters into their own hands, but I suspect that this would only happen later on down the road after the presidential nomination.

The reason why they'll wait, is people remain hopeful that Trump's immigration laws will succeed. They will likely want to give him a chance before (and if) they decide to take matters into their own hands. Either way, gun sales are up…again.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! What do you think? Is fear buying a real thing? If so, which fear do you think drives more people? Did you go buy any guns after this latest terror attack? Let us know in the comments below and then go like the Gun Carrier Facebook Page. Then, when you're done there, check out this article about Mitch McConnell caving on guns.

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Gun Sales Are Up Across The Board…Again.

  1. Greg says:

    Crooked Hillary has too much support considering hr record of dishonesty. She will go after guns with Supreme Court Picks. The end of private gun ownership is the last item on the rules for radicals liberals have not accomplished.

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