Gun Sales Spike: On Pace to Break New Records Post-Election

Gun Sales On Pace to Break New Records Post-Election

Throughout the year, gun sales have been surging. It seems as if it's no longer a surprise that the gun sales spike continues even after post-election. Let's talk more about it below.

Gun Sales Spike: Is Thing a Good Thing for America?

Gun and ammunition sales continue to increase in an already record-breaking year. Even more so when the media declared Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential election.

The Democratic candidate and presumed President-Elect have a major gun control agenda in the pipeline. However, President Trump and his supporters are challenging the legitimacy of the election results.

The threat of new restrictions on our Second Amendment rights combined with rising tensions between political parties is putting stress on already-cleared out firearms dealers.

Democrats have consistently threatened stricter gun control as a central part of their campaigns over the last several decades.

While Biden campaigned primarily on Coronavirus response, his years of political experience and his image as a comforting moderate choice backed by uber-popular Obama, he instead kept his gun control plans much more under wraps than Hillary Clinton, Obama, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton did before him.

Biden stayed tight-lipped on the campaign trail on his plans for a Second Amendment.

He does not believe the Second Amendment applies to an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

Nonetheless, that does not mean that he doesn’t have ambitious goals for gun control.

So many Americans are already fearing for their safety. Gun retailers are having a hard time keeping up with this new increase in demand.

Sales Spiking Across the Nation

In Arizona, Liz Robinson, co-owner of Ted’s Shooting Range in Queen Creek, confirms that demand is only increasing post-election.

“As soon as we get guns in, they're sold as soon as they come in. A lot of them never thought they'd own a gun and they're in here buying a gun for the first time because they're very nervous, they're scared,” Robinson said.

She says the spike in sales is triggered by Biden’s gun control plan.

“They want to take away our guns, which you know, you can't do that, it's our Second Amendment right, they start talking about it, people panic, then they just start buying, this is my third election, happens every election,” she added.

In Portland, Karl Durkheimer, the owner of Northwest Armory in Milwaukie and Tigard, said that since the presidential election, demand for guns has only continued to rise. He said sales have risen by about 50% since Nov. 1, when they were already at record highs.

Durkheimer said that his buyers are worried the Biden administration will take their guns.

“People are buying guns before they’re told they can’t,” he said. “It doesn’t help that there’s still continuing uncertainty and civil unrest.”

This summer, Portland witnessed 100 consecutive nights of protests against police brutality.

In New Mexico, Arnold Gallegos, the owner of ABQ Guns, saw sales skyrocket right after the media announced Biden as the presumed winner of the election.

“There was a quick surge on Friday and Saturday because of the elections when the media announced the winner,” Gallegos said. “The people that are coming into buy, it doesn't matter what political party or affiliation you are.”

Gallegos is gearing up for further spikes in sales.

“I think that if he is confirmed then you'll see another surge,” Gallegos said.

‘We Are Our Own First Responders’

gun for self defense | Gun Sales On Pace to Break New Records Post-Election

Brian Nelson, the owner of Bluffton-based Lightning Tactical in South Carolina, said:

“People are beginning to realize — and I teach it in every single one of my CWP classes — they have to be ready and prepared to protect themselves. I tell every student this — we are our own first responders. We have got to be prepared. The police are a response force. The police respond to crime, so on very rare occasions do you find that police actually prevent a crime from occurring.”

Todd Shaw, a political science professor at the University of South Carolina, said there is still widespread anxiety about the potential for political violence.

“There was a real concern around the election that there could have been some level of violence and even racially motivated violence,” he said. “It hasn’t occurred, but it doesn’t mean that we’re [not] still in an uneasy period.”

With recounts and investigations into voter fraud underway in several critical swing states, there is still the opportunity for outrage and violence to erupt.

January 6, 2021, marks the announcement of the official winner of the election.

October joined June, March, and July for the highest historical months of NICS background checks, but the FBI will not release the numbers for November until December 1.

What is your take on the continuing gun sales spike? Do you think it's a good thing for gun owners? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Gun Sales Spike: On Pace to Break New Records Post-Election

  1. Alan langolf says:

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what laws they pass if we the people all stick together and not give up our guns what are they going to do about it! I think a lot of people forget that’s what the second amendment is all about.that in the case of a tyrannical or corrupt Government the people can be equal or more powerful than the ones in power.

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